Happy Canadian Thanksgiving & National Handbag Day 2016! J.Crew — Signet Bag (Full Review)

Today is the second Monday in October, which means it is Thanksgiving Day in Canada! Happy Thanksgiving!

However, this year, today is also October 10, which means it is Handbag Day! I didn’t realize before now that the event was actually created by the PurseBlog (I do post very occasionally in their forum) in 2013.

I have posted a little bit about handbags on my blog, though it’s obviously not the main subject at hand. But my latest handbag has got me pretty happy and excited, so I’ll review it today.

I’m writing this on Thanksgiving morning and am hurriedly trying to get it written up before anybody comes over—so please forgive any typos. I’m pretty tired from staying up to witness last night’s big TV event:

I think my brain melted from some of the incoherent sludge I heard, but I think I should be OK to do a little write-up about a handbag!

I received my J.Crew Signet Bag last week and have been using it nonstop. It’s the perfect size and style for everyday shopping and errands.Read More »

Haulage! J.Crew — Signet Bag

[Images: jcrew.com]

Update: Just FYI, I love my Signet bag and have a full review here!

As I’ve mentioned recently, I’m in the market for a camera bag! The Gucci Soho Disco was top of my list, and I was considering the new Marc Jacobs Shutter—until I opened up a J.Crew email yesterday and saw these pretties!
They’re called Signet Bags and they come in both colorful leather (US$128/CA$168) and colorblocked (like some of the Soho Discos) leopard calfhair options (US$298/CA$358).
Here are the calfhair bags in Leopard and Bright Ruby:
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