Linea Pelle — Satchel (Orange with Gunmetal Hardware) Review

Photobucket is down after a week or so of intermittent craptitude—therefore, in lieu of the Essie Retro Revival polishes I was getting ready to post, I’m doing a quick review of one of my favorite handbags!

Linea Pelle, the Los Angeles-based leather bag and accessories company, has been one of my favorite bag designers for several years. Their name literally means leather line in Italian. It’s a bit funny, because the first time I came across Linea Pelle bags, namely, their popular Dylan line, I didn’t like them much. They just seemed too laid back and casual to me, with their soft shapes and unfinished leather edges. But, when I spotted a well-worn Linea Pelle in the wild, I was bowled over! They’re gorgeous in real life! (This is basically the opposite of what happened to me with YSL’s original Muse and Sac de Jour bags: I drooled over photos of them, but when I saw and handled them in real life, I was quite disappointed.)

Their only drawback, in my opinion, is their poor-ish service to Canada: I recently tried to have an order shipped to a US-address, but they wouldn’t let me pay with a Canadian billing address even though they would, obviously, for a Canadian shipping address. Plus, then I tried to ship to myself in Canada, and they wouldn’t allow Canadians to use their current discount code. WHAT?! And, the one time I’ve ordered from their site to Canada, I think they shipped UPS, which is literally the worst service you can use for Canadians, since the brokerage fees are crazy. So, I don’t order from their official site anymore.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t leave many options in Canada for buying Linea Pelle bags! Hudson’s Bay used to carry them for a brief time, perhaps a year, but they aren’t to be seen anymore—replaced by Botkier and Liebeskind, it appears, neither of which is really my cup of tea. So, you can understand my excitement when I spotted some Linea Pelles at Winners back in 2011! Here was my chance!Read More »

fivezero's DIY chip handbag, inspired by Anya Hindmarch

Happy Handbag Day! My DIY “Handbag”, on a Dare

Today, National Handbag Day, was my self-imposed deadline for responding to Stashmatters’ dare from back in April! I am nothing if not a procrastinator.

Yet, I am true to my word, and today’s post includes a photo of me with my DIY Anya Hindmarch Potato Chip Bag.

But first, in celebration of the day, I would like to share with you some of my favorite handbags. Who am I kidding? All my handbags are my favorites! But I have used some more than others this summer.

Treesje — Asher Mini Satchel

Treesje (pronounced TREE’-ZHUH) is an American brand that was popular perhaps ten years ago. I’m not really sure what’s happened to them, but last I checked, I was not terribly impressed with their offerings. The Asher is one of the bag styles that launched them into stardom (particularly in the Grande size) and it is my favorite of their styles. Mine is in the small size, which looks far less ludicrous on my petite frame. It’s the only pink bag I own, and it goes with so much!

Treesje Asher Mini Satchel in Fuchsia
Treesje Asher Mini Satchel in Fuchsia

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