LVX Nail Lacquer in Deco, swatch

LVX — Deco (Nail Lacquer) Swatch & Review

Collection: LVX 2013 Summer

In my bid to post more swatches from brands I don’t blog about as often, here’s a sunshine-y polish from LVX, a brand I hadn’t heard of until I spotted a mass of them at Winners last spring.

I didn’t know what their retail price was, but they were marked at C$6.99 (less than OPI, Orly, and CND at Winners), and the packaging looked pretty sleek, so I picked up two colors.

LVX Haulage at Winners (March 2014), Nail Lacquers in Deco and Chambord
LVX Haulage at Winners (March 2014), Nail Lacquers in Deco & Chambord

After a bit of research, I discovered that LVX normally retails for US$16, so I had snagged them at a pretty nice price. I suspect the Winners lot was being cleared out because LVX had changed their boxes: the new boxes have squares in the front to allow you to see the color inside.

Like many higher-end nail polishes, LVX Nail Lacquer comes with a decorative cap over a smaller, more functional cap for application. Overall, the packaging is quite nice and is reminiscent of Chanel Le Vernis, though perhaps not quite as luxe as that.

The two shades I picked were Chambord, a creamy plum, and Deco, a peach pastel. Now that I’ve tried Deco, I’m regretting not having tried it earlier so I could have rushed back to Winners and gotten a few more shades! They did sell out quite quickly. Either that or my location moved them elsewhere—there were a lot of polishes, with a very decent color selection, and they all disappeared within days! Unfortunately, I haven’t seen them since, and at the moment, LVX is only available within the USA.

LVX Nail Lacquer in Deco, swatch

Deco (028) is a delicious-looking orange sherbet cream with strong apricot tones. These slightly pastel orange creams are a dime a dozen nowadays, but this one stands above many due to its juicier, less chalky pigmentation. Honestly, I’m a little bit smitten by this shade!

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