A England Nail Varnish in Her Rose Adagio, swatch

A England — Her Rose Adagio (Nail Varnish) Swatch & Review

Collection: A England 2013 Winter, Ballerina

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today’s polish comes from indie brand A England’s 2013 Ballerina collection.

Natalie Portman in Black Swan (2010)
Natalie Portman in Black Swan (2010)

Her Rose Adagio is described by A England as “faded roses in a silver prismatic base, as romantic as it is ‘en pointe'”. The base is a pastel pink, but as the polish is loaded with fine, silver holographic shimmer, the overall look is pale mauve.

A England Nail Varnish in Her Rose Adagio
A England Nail Varnish in Her Rose Adagio

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American Apparel Nail Lacquer in Dynasty, swatch

Throwback Thursday! American Apparel — Dynasty (Nail Lacquer) Swatch & Review

Collection: American Apparel 2009 Winter, Nail Lacquer [Launch]

I’m one of those consumers who tends to boycott companies I find objectionable (though, let’s be honest, you gotta pick your battles!), and sometime around 2010, I added American Apparel to that list. Reports of sexual harassment and questionable behavior from their Canadian founder and former CEO, Dov Charney, overrided the good things the company had going for it. Before my boycott, I’d only purchased some nail polish and a pair of sweatpants from the company, so it was a pretty easy thing to swear off any more of their merchandise.

It’s quite a shame, though, because their nail polish was really nice. (I don’t think it’s sold anymore, as I can’t find it on their website any longer.) Of course, now that over the last few years American Apparel has ousted Charney and recovered from bankruptcy, it seems my personal boycott might be lifted—I’d need to do more research—though I’d only do it for their polish and not for leggings!

Today’s Throwback Thursday was released in American Apparel’s original 18-shade collection—of all cream finishes!launched in 2009. In 2010, the polishes were actually voluntarily recalled by the company due to the bottles being easily broken. (The formula itself was fine.) I’m not sure whether mine were bought before or after the recall; either way, none of my bottles have broken, and I think they’re amongst the nicest nail polish bottles I own. They’re sleek and minimal, and they just stack together so well!

American Apparel Nail Lacquer Launch 2009
I feel a bit badly for wishing I’d gotten all of these at the time!
American Apparel Nail Lacquer Launch, 2009.
Rose Bowl, Poppy, Downtown LA, Pinto, Palm Springs, Manila;
Coney Island, Dynasty, Berry, Cotton, Factory Grey, Mouse;
Office, Hunter, Hassid, Mount Royal, Passport Blue, Peacock.
Image: smudgestyle.com

The polish I’m swatching today is Dynasty, a midtoned muted grape cream with a touch of mauve.

American Apparel Nail Lacquer in Dynasty, bottle

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OPI Nail Lacquer in Señorita Rose-alita, swatch

Throwback Thursday! OPI — Señorita Rose-alita (Nail Lacquer) Swatch & Review

Collection: OPI 2002 Spring/Summer, South American

Happy Cinco de Mayo! (I clearly have very little imagination, as last year’s Cinco de Mayo polish was China Glaze Señorita Bonita!)

Today’s Throwback Thursday was released in OPI’s 12-shade South American 2002 spring/summer collection. This collection contained some real gems: Chile o Caliente? (surely a “¿” should have started that name!), Dulce de Leche, Ecuadorable Coral, La Paz-itively Hot, Peru-B-Ruby, The Thrill of Brazil, and Up the Amazon Without a Paddle).

OPI Nail Lacquer in Señorita Rose-alita

Señorita Rose-alita (NL A11) is, hands-down, one of my faves, though! And, I’m not even usually a big fan of pink! OPI describes it as a “rosy plum with a touch of golden charm.” It’s always read a little more pink to me than plum, though. I’d call it a soft, slightly plummy-mauve rose with loads of pink and gold shimmer. It does lean a little to the frosty side.

Traditional Peruvian courtship dance; woman in a pink dress
Traditional Peruvian courtship dance; woman in a pink dress. (I know Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican celebration, but Señorita Rose-alita was from a South American collection!)
Image: viajerostodoperu.blogspot.ca

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Zoya Professional Lacquer in Penelope, swatch

Throwback Thursday! Zoya — Penelope (Professional Lacquer) Swatch & Review

Collection: Zoya 2008 Spring, Blissful

Penelope (ZP437) is quite lovely, even though it is a little more conservative than the colors I usually like to wear. It’s a creamy, warm-toned rosy pink with a touch of dusty brick.

Zoya Professional Lacquer in Penelope

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Essie Nail Polish in Angora Cardi, swatch

Essie — Angora Cardi (Nail Polish) Swatch & Review

Collection: Essie 2009 Fall, Cuddle with Color

Today’s polish is from a Fall 2009 collection, so it almost works for Throwback Thursday, but not quite (I’ve arbitrarily decided that Throwback polishes have to be seven years old).

Angora Cardi (700) is described by Essie as a “creamy, deep dusty rose”. It’s a midtone mauve, which is nicely balanced between red, violet and taupe. I think of it as a subdued raisin.

Mauve is actually named for the mallow flower, Malva (mauve in French). The flower itself simply appears to be a light purple, but the reason we now think of mauve as a more subdued shade is that mauve dye, originally named Tyrian purple, faded easily, and that color became associated with the word mauve.

Wilde Malve
“Wilde Malve”. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons. Image: wikipedia.org

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Essie Nail Polish in Merino Cool

Essie — Merino Cool (Nail Polish) Swatch & Review

Collection: Essie 2010 Fall

Merino Cool (730) is described by Essie as a “sensuous autumn mulberry”, which really doesn’t give this shade enough credit! It’s a deeper midtoned heathery plum cream with heavy doses of grey, brown—so, taupe—and purple. Its dusty quality makes it perfect for fall sweater weather.

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Deborah Lippmann Collection Nail Color in Weekend In New England

Throwback Thursday! Lippmann Collection — Weekend In New England (Nail Color) Swatch & Review

Brand: Deborah Lippmann (probably 1999 Launch)

When celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann first launched her eponymous nail polish line in 1999, it was called Lippmann Collection and the polish was Nail Color. Today, the product is Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer, and the bottle has stayed pretty much the same apart from a matte black cap versus the old mirrored silver cap.

To be honest, I’ve never thought that Ms. Lippmann’s polish formula, old or new, warranted the higher-than-average price tag. You’re basically paying for a fancy bottle (and it is a very nice bottle!) and a brand name, right? The catch is, of course, that the colors released by this brand are almost always so well-executed and on trend! I see Deborah Lippmann polish as a less expensive Chanel polish: reasonable formula, luxe packaging, higher price, and exceptional colors.

Deborah Lippmann Collection Nail Color in Weekend In New England, with box

This week’s Throwback Thursday swatch is Weekend In New England (named, as most Lippmann shades are, for a song: in this case, Barry Manilow’s 1976 hit—and Captain Jack Harkness covered it in 2007!), a rosy mauve with fine lavender shimmer that gives it a frosty sheen. It’s not terribly in-fashion at the moment, but I’m pretty sure it was when it was released back around 1999.

Of course, to me, this color conjures up nothing about a weekend in New England! Maybe Barry Manilow wore a lot of mauve?

A New England scene in autumn, Vermont
A New England (Vermont) scene in autumn. Image: hookedoneverything.com

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