Quick Photo — A Peek at Some of My Old Nail Polish

I haven’t opened either of these large shoeboxes in a very long time: they house a bunch of my older (pre-2010) drugstore nail polishes. I’m in the process of assembling some newly-acquired IKEA HELMER file cabinets which will become new homes for my polishes that currently reside in various boxes and bins.

I took a couple of shots of these boxes today. Recognize anything? And, yes, there are some StreetWears in that mostly-Revlon box!

fivezero's drugstore nail polish stash, mostly Revlon

fivezero's drugstore nail polish stash, mostly L'Oréal, Maybelline, Mary Kay, CoverGirl, Max Factor, Rimmel, Sally Girl, FingerPaints

P.S. The five Revlons in the featured image at the very top are new to me; I’ll be posting about that haul, shortly!

Essie Nail Polish in Tea & Crumpets

Essie — Tea & Crumpets (Nail Polish) Swatch & Review

Brand: Essie

Let’s be honest: Tea & Crumpets looks a little dated. It’s beige and it’s frosty. It’s semi-sheer. It’s everything I am not a huge fan of in nail polish.

And yet, it is one of my all-time favorites. I suspect that nostalgia plays more than a small role in this oddity. The very first nail polish I ever fell in love with was a greyed-out mauve frost by Max Factor (no-longer-available/merged-with-CoverGirl in Canada) called Cine Beige. It was so different from every other nail polish in the drugstore at the time (’96) and I adored it. I mean, there was nothing wrong with L’Oréal Drumbeat Red or Revlon Raisin Rage. Cine Beige just spoke to me more! I went through about three bottles of that stuff in one summer. (And several other Max Factor polishes, too—I thought they were fabulous.) That said, StreetWear by Revlon was not easy to come by where I was, so it wasn’t really on my radar.

I can’t get Cine Beige anymore, but Tea & Crumpets reminds me of it. It’s because of the finish and the overall 90s vibe, not the actual color. Tea & Crumpets is a warm, pinked beige with a touch of gold, and its frost is very fine.

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