MAC Custom Eyeshadow Palette (old): Club, Cranberry, Trax, Vex.

Throwback Thursday! I Found My Lost MAC Palette…and Much More

I doubt anyone will recall, but I’ve mentioned on my blog that since I moved over five years ago, I misplaced what I thought was a few eyeshadow palettes, including my old, custom MAC eyeshadow palette with Club, Cranberry, Trax, and Vex. I also knew a few other palettes from Stila (my less-used ones), mark. by Avon, and some cheapies were missing, but the MAC palette was the one I wanted most.

As time went by, I lost hope of finding them, and thought that perhaps they went missing during the move. I even gave up and finally repurchased those four MAC eyeshadows last year (helps that MAC dropped the price of refill pans, so that it was cheaper to buy them now than when I did around ten years ago!).

Weeeeell. Over the weekend, I threw myself into a frenzy cleaning out the kids’ bedroom. Now, we actually use this bedroom as a guest/storage room, since we still have both kids sleeping with us (in separate cribs) in our master bedroom. We all love it this way for now!

Anyway, guests are coming soon for the winter, so I need to get that guest bedroom organized. I decided to do a top-to-bottom overhaul instead of the half-assery I usually do, and ended up donating about half of my old shoes to charity, etc. (After having two kids, most of my old shoes no longer fit my ever-so-slightly wider feet, not to mention I have more weight to lose and I think my feet are currently fatter than they used to be. My right foot has always been larger than my left, and while my left still fits into many of these pairs, the right simply cannot.) So long, my Elizabeth & James heels, comfy Converse, and leopard print flats! Sniff. I am saving some of the niftier pairs for Olive, though. Heh. She’ll have awesome/horrible vintage shoes by the time she’s twelve.

fivezero's old shoes: Elizabeth & James, Converse, Seychelles, Delman, Rockport, Hayden-Harnett, Puma, Superga, Jeffrey Campbell
Elizabeth & James Mazi Pumps / Converse Skidgrip EV Argyle Broken Heart
Seychelles Shimmy Pumps / Delman Sonya Pumps
Rockport Audry Welt Oxfords / Hayden-Harnett Laurel Flats / Puma Caroline Wedge Sneakers
Superga Cotu Classic Sneaker / Jeffrey Campbell Ring-2 Ballet Flats

On the positive side, a few pairs fit me a little better now, since they were a tad roomy before!

Hayden-Harnett Memphis Pumps / Fluevog Dig Booties / Biviel Mary Jane Zipper Pumps

Another positive: more room for handbags!

What was this post supposed to be about again? Oh right. Eyeshadow palettes!

Here we go…

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Milani Baked Blushes in Bella Bellini & Rosa Romantica

Milani — Bella Bellini & Rosa Romantica (Baked Blush) Swatch & Review, Plus NARS Orgasm & Deep Throat

Earlier this year (or possibly late last year), Milani introduced two new shades of their highly popular Baked Blushes: Bella Bellini and Rosa Romantica.

I noticed them in a Rexall last month (Canada often gets new drugstore releases fairly late) and have been stalking the weekly sales ever since. Last week, they finally had Milani products on Buy One, Get One 50% off so they came to $6.29 each—yeah, Rexall’s sales can be pretty meh—and I had to run to a larger Rexall to snag both shades. Ideally, I’d have waited for a sale at where Baked Blushes are a smidge cheaper, but they didn’t have the new shades at all.

But anyway, I am so happy I got them because they’re utterly gorgeous!

They have the same lovely, soft, highly-pigmented texture of all the other Baked Blushes (see my Megapost here! I think I have all of them except for Red Vino, which I can never find and may have to purchase in the US).

Bella Bellini (12) is a stunner. Milani calls it a “rose gold”, though I think it’s a lot more intense pink than rose gold usually inspires. It’s an azalea pink loaded with golden shimmer: very NARS Orgasm, except with even more shimmer.

Below, I have a swatch comparison of the following blushes:

  • Milani Baked Blush in Bella Bellini (12)
  • Milani Baked Blush in Corallina (08)
  • Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso (05)
  • NARS Blush in Deep Throat
  • NARS Blush in Orgasm

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Milani Nail Lacquer in Breezy, swatch

Throwback Thursday! Milani — Breezy (Nail Lacquer) Swatch & Review

Brand: Milani

I don’t think I’ve swatched a Milani nail polish on this blog (just blushes and lipstick), since all my Milani polishes are older. And, I can’t find their new polishes anywhere near me or online in Canada! ‘Tis a shame, because I was a fan of their nail polish shades back in the day.

Milani Cosmetics seemed to be a brand that was originally aimed at women of color, and as a result, many of their shades were highly pigmented and vibrant! As a lover of such colors, Milani was one of my favorite drugstore brands. I think they’ve branched out more since they’ve become more mainstream, but the vibrant shades remain—some of the lipstick and blush shades are hot, hot, hot!

They’re still a little hard for me to find in Canada—they’re sold online at (no nail polish, though) and at Rexall drugstores. However, I don’t have many Rexalls near me and the one I do have boasts a small display with mainly lipsticks, limited blushes, and eye stuff.

Anyway, today’s Throwback Thursday polish is from at least 2008, as that’s the oldest review for it at MUA. I probably bought it off eBay around that time.

The bottles were slightly cheap-looking, but hey, they were inexpensive drugstore polishes.

Milani Nail Lacquer in Breezy, bottle

Breezy (19) is a stunning, tropical blue metallic that leans a touch turquoise. Honestly, the color is drop dead gorgeous!

Tropical beach

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Throwback Thursday! Quick Photo: Nail Stash, Post-Baby Attack

fivezero's cheap nail polishes, post-baby attack, Avon, Milani, NYC New York Color

Today is Throwback Thursday, which is the perfect day of the week for the peanut to get into one of my nail polish shoeboxes and go to town.

It’s a box of some cheapies, mostly Avon, Milani, and NYC—but many are discontinued so I’m just glad nothing was harmed. And the peanut’s fine, too. 😉

I need to think seriously about improving my nail polish storage! An IKEA order of more HELMERs is in my future…

[Edit: Aaaaaand, I have an update.]

Haulage! — Discount OPI, Revlon, Milani (October 2015)

I’m on a makeup low-buy, but this haul still stays within my month’s fun budget! It may look like a lot of product, but it was all on clearance and I ordered it from a site that’s very new to me.

A quick Googling of “toronto discount cosmetics” (I was trying to find out about a makeup warehouse I’d visited well over ten years ago) brought me to (not affiliated), a local beauty warehouse that sells some of their products online. I figuratively jumped out of my seat with glee! has actual warehouse locations in Toronto, the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and Ottawa, but as I am without a car, I rarely venture off the subway line. Incidentally, I don’t think this was the same warehouse company I visited all those years ago: that store was downtown.

SaleEvent nail polish clearance in-store
Ahh, to live in the ‘burbs… Image:

An additional visit to their Facebook page convinced me that that the site was legit, so I placed my first order. They offer free Canadian shipping on orders of $49+, and free US shipping on orders of $75+.

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Blush Comparison: Illamasqua Naked Rose vs. Milani Romantic Rose

Blush Comparison: Illamasqua Naked Rose vs. Milani Romantic Rose

This is just a quick post for Stashmatters, who wanted to know how Illamasqua Powder Blush in Naked Rose compares with Milani Rose Powder Blush in Romantic Rose.

In the pan, they do look a little dupe-y, with Romantic Rose appearing a bit deeper. However, when swatched, you can see that, at least on my warm skintone, Romantic Rose isn’t really darker, but it is warmer. Naked Rose skews blue-pink when compared directly with Romantic Rose, which by comparison looks a tad peachy-pink.

I have not actually tried Romantic Rose yet, but Naked Rose is wonderful and one of my faves.

HTH! 🙂

Additional link: Milani Blush Megapost.

Blush Comparison: Illamasqua Naked Rose vs. Milani Romantic Rose, swatch

Milani Baked Blush in Delizioso Pink

Milani — Delizioso Pink (Baked Blush) Swatch & Review

This isn’t really a review, because I haven’t tried it! Honestly, after swatching it, I’m too scared. I feel it’s too blue-toned and whitened for my warm and medium skintone. It’s a hot Barbie/Pepto pink with a matte finish.

Any warmies like this one? I imagine it’s gorgeous and doll-like on porcelain-skinned beauties!

I’ve added this to the Milani Blush Megapost, as well.

More photos and a swatch follow.
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