Misa Nail Lacquer in It Girl, swatch

Misa — It Girl (Nail Lacquer) Swatch & Review

Collection: Misa 2012 Winter, High Society

I know we’re in the middle of spring now, and heading into sunny days—up here in the northern hemisphere, anyway—but Guerlain Black Perfecto got me in the mood for vampies.

I picked up this Misa in my recent NailSupplies.us haul. It’s from a Winter 2012 collection full of vampy shades—I should really pick up a few more!

It Girl (296) is Misa’s version of the classic vampy, browned-burgundy cream (think Chanel Rouge Noir, Essie Wicked, Orly Naughty, and Revlon Vixen). I’ll have to do a swatch comparison one of these days, but for now, I’ll just say that It Girl compares quite well with the aforementioned classics. It strikes a fine balance between red, brown and purple, and is as deep and sultry as you can get without looking plain black.

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Misa Nail Lacquer in Sorry Just Can't Help It, swatch

Throwback Thursday! Misa — Sorry Just Can’t Help It (Nail Lacquer) Swatch & Review

Collection: Misa 2009 Fall, I’m Only Human

I got this older Misa from my recent NailSupplies.us haul.

It’s from a 2009 fall collection that’s chock full of shades with cumbersome names, which I find can be quite typical of the brand. (In the same collection, Forgive, Forget, For Me I Will is one of my “favorite” awkward Misa names!)

Sorry Just Can’t Help It (216)—there’s a comma after Sorry on the website, but not on the polish label—is a medium-deep grape cream that is quite nicely balanced between a red and a blue. On the nail, it’s a bit darker than how it looks in the bottle.

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Haulage! NailSupplies.us (February 2016)

Often, when my US-based family come up for a visit, I place an order with one of the online nail polish discounters (NailSupplies.us, Head2ToeBeauty, and 8ty8Beauty—no affiliation!) for them to bring up. My mom recently came up to visit and help out with my two year old peanut, since I’m now six months pregnant and can use all the help I can get! So, I placed an order with NailSupplies back in February and she kindly brought it up for me.

Here’s the haulage!

OPI, Orly, and Misa are a bit pricy in Canada, even when you can find them at Winners (and Misa is hard to find entirely!), so over half of my order consisted of these three brands.

NailSupplies.us Haulage: ORLY On the Edge, Feel the Funk, Window Shopping / OPI 5 Apples Tall, Show Us Your Tips!

NailSupplies recently told me that they were phasing out Misa, so there’s only the remaining stock left there, and no new collections. SAD. I’m going to have to order more Misas, next time.

With the Canadian dollar at around 75¢ to the USD, the Essie and China Glaze prices aren’t great (I can get similar prices when buying in 6+ at a local beauty supply), so I only got a few Essies that were discounted more than usual at NailSupplies:

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Misa Nail Lacquer in Sunrise Dew, swatch

Misa — Sunrise Dew (Nail Lacquer) Swatch & Review

Collection: Misa 2014 Fall, Warm Days

Here’s another Misa, from my haulage late last year.

It’s a lesson to me to do a little research before I place orders, because it turns out that Sunrise Dew is a matte! I hate mattes! Hahaha—don’t get me wrong—I like the look, but it always drives me batty to feel the matte finish on my nails. It’s like hearing nails on a chalkboard, or metal clanking against metal.

I will admit, however, that Sunrise Dew is a bit smoother, and therefore is not as horrible-feeling to me as some other mattes are. This one I can actually sort of stand. Kind of. Well, I slapped a shiny top coat over it, anyway. But I did take the swatch shots before I did that!

Sunrise Dew is a pale lavender heather packed with superfine frost. Possibly due to the matte finish, it doesn’t have the crazy streakiness that many frosts have. Under certain lighting, you can also see that the shimmer has a slight iridescence. Very pretty, if a bit subtle.

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Misa Nail Lacquer in Tumble Bug, swatch

Misa — Tumble Bug (Nail Lacquer) Swatch & Review

Collection: Misa 2014 Summer, Riding All the Rides at the County Fair

Today’s polish is from Misa, one of my fave polish brands, but I’ve been remiss in reviewing them! I picked up a bunch of Misas late last year, so that should spur me on in posting more Misa swatches these days.

All the polishes in Misa’s 2014 Summer collection are named for amusement park rides. Tumble Bug, named for this ride, is a bright, lemon pudding-yellow cream.

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Misa Nail Lacquer in Gravitron, swatch

Misa — Gravitron (Nail Lacquer) Swatch & Review

Collection: Misa 2014 Summer, Riding All the Rides at the County Fair

I’m forgoing the usual Throwback Thursday post today, since basically all of last week and this Monday was filled with Throwback swatches, thanks to Essie’s Essie’s Retro Revival collection collection. In addition, I have a Throwback swatch scheduled for St. Valentine’s Day this weekend. Yes, I’m playing fast ‘n’ loose with Throwback Thursday!

Today’s polish is from Misa, one of my fave polish brands, but I’ve been remiss in reviewing them! My last Misa review (for Dirty, Sexy, Money) was from last June!

Misa can be a bit hard for me to come by in Canada. I picked up today’s polish late last year from NailSupplies.us (not affiliated). It’s from Misa’s 2014 Summer collection, full of gorgeous, clean brights that are right down my alley.

All the polishes in the collection are named for amusement park rides! I’m actually not the biggest fan of rides: big rollercoasters scare me, I’ve gotten neck pain from a particularly fast caterpillar, I’ve become ill on a giant swing boat ride, and my only memory of Disneyland as a little kid was my dad insisting we go into the haunted house, and I was scared pants-less! So they’re really just not for a chicken like myself. I’ll stick with the Ferris Wheel and cotton candy, thanks! Om nom nom.

fivezero in Copenhagen, Denmark, Tivoli Gardens at Night (2013)
Not a great pic, but this photo is from our 2013 trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. This is a nighttime shot of Tivoli Gardens, which opened in 1843 and is the world’s second oldest amusement park (the world’s oldest is also in Denmark). Unfortunately, we never got to visit during the day, but it was so lovely at night!

Gravitron, named for this ride, is a fresh, grassy green cream with a slight yellow undertone.

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Misa Nail Lacquer in Dirty, Sexy, Money

Misa — Dirty, Sexy, Money (Nail Lacquer)

Collection: Misa, Spring 2009, Living On the Fast Lane

I’m disappointed in myself because haven’t reviewed a Misa polish in a while. Misa is, along with Essie, Illamasqua, and Zoya, one of my favorite nail polish brands. The formula is so consistently good!

So here is one of my very favorite Misas: Dirty, Sexy, Money (197). I’m unsure whether the money is being described as dirty and sexy (which seems to make the most sense), or, due to the placement of the comma, money is simply being used as an adjective along with dirty and sexy, à la Swingers [Warning! NSFW: profanity]. But Misa occasionally releases awkwardly named polishes: Date Nights to the Twilight. Forgive, Forget, For Me I Will. Umm…Ur Too Delicious. Huh?

Misa Nail Lacquer in Dirty, Sexy, Money, label

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