Mont Bleu nail care tools, 2017

Mont Bleu — Manicure Tools Review

This spring, I was contacted by Mont Bleu, a Czech manufacturer of manicure tools—many decorated with Swarovski crystals.

The company has been around for ten years, and alongside their specialty glass nail files and nail tools. As a sometime beader who often uses Swarovski (Austrian) and Czech glass beads, I was aware that the Czech Republic has a long and fine history in Bohemian glass manufacturing. Mont Bleu do their glass file manufacturing and decoration in-house, in the Czech Republic:

Mont Bleu Glass File production and decoration, Czech Republic

Mont Bleu Glass File production and decoration, Czech Republic.
Image via Mont Bleu

All these years Mont Bleu has been delivering only the best. Mont Bleu is a manufacturer of Czech made glass nail files, and a Design Atelier who make bijoux, and decorates beauty products, and gifts with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS.

Mont Bleu delivers its products all over the world, which is why clients from USA, Canada, from all over the EU, and Asia are buying our products with great pleasure.
Our company offers to your attention only quality production approved with quality certificates of the Czech Republic and European Union. Our glass nail files were tested and approved by Czech institute of health.

They offered to send me a selection of their products to try out. I simply let them know that I love glass nail files and use them exclusively, and they could select any other items they liked. Here’s what they sent me:

  • Set of 3 Rainbow Crystal Nail Files in Purple Pink
  • Mini Nail File in Waterfall (Tanzanite – Rose)
  • Original Foot Scraper & Callus Remover in Magenta
  • Two-in-One Nails & Cuticles Combination Scissors
  • Nail Cleaner
  • Cuticle Pusher

It was a lot more than I had expected to receive—many thanks to Mont Bleu!

They also included this postcard from beautiful Prague. I love postcards! Prague is on my list of places to go, one day. (Maybe I can visit their glass nail file factory!)

Mont Bleu, Postcard from Prague, Czech Republic

Postcard from Mont Bleu in Prague.

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Haulage! Yves Rocher — Pop’Exotic Botanical Colour Nail Polish (Summer 2016)

Yves Rocher recently released their juicy summer collection of Botanical Colour Nail Polishes (Pop’Exotic), and since these are amongst my favorite nail polishes, I got them all in one fell swoop. It helps that Yves Rocher sent me a coupon I could use on top of a sweet online deal!

The deal: Botanical Colour Nail Polishes on sale for CA$3.50 instead of the usual CA$6 (this is not an unusual sale for Yves Rocher—basically, you want at least 40% off when you buy from them!). Additional coupon for $10 off plus free shipping with a $40 order. And loads of GWP! More freebies if you spend $45. See how they get you?

The haulage (prices not including the $10 off I got at the end of the order):

  • Botanical Colour Nail Polish in Exotic Peach (CA$3.50, was $6)
  • Botanical Colour Nail Polish in Frosted Mint (CA$3.50, was $6)
  • Botanical Colour Nail Polish in Iced Litchi (CA$3.50, was $6)
  • Botanical Colour Nail Polish in Pomegranate Pink (CA$3.50, was $6)
  • Botanical Colour Nail Polish in Raspberry Sorbet (CA$3.50, was $6)
  • Botanical Colour Nail Polish in Tropical Orange (CA$3.50, was $6)
  • Botanical Colour Nail Polish in Water Mint (CA$3.50, was $6)
  • Botanical Colour Nail Polish in Yuzu Yellow (CA$3.50, was $6)
  • Sensitive Végétal Anti-Redness Moisturizing Cream (50 mL) (CA$14, was $28)
  • Sexy Pulp Ultra-Volume Mascara (mini) (2.5 mL) (CA$14, was $28) [for some reason, the website lists this as Sexy Pulp Lash Plumping Mascara, but the product label reads Ultra-Volume, so I’m going with that.]

The following were GWP items:
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Ciaté Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar

Ciaté — Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar: Part I (December 1–16) Swatch & Review

Apologies for the late post today. Photobucket is having major upload/delete issues, and I am not getting any useful feedback from them! Well, that, and…Christmas!

Collection: Ciaté 2015 Winter, Mini Mani Month

I received the Ciaté Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar as a gift last month, and I meant to post about it by the week in December, but obviously things have gotten too hectic!

So, now I’m in a rush to get these babies all swatched up before Christmas is actually upon us! It’s just crazy how as a kid, I got so excited for Christmas, and it seemed like a week would go by like a whole year. Now, as an adult and having to prepare Christmas for the family (who can be a little ungrateful at times, or is it just me? Ha! I kid. Mostly it’s just the peanut batting at ornaments when he knows he’s not supposed to…), it seems like Christmas sneaks up and jumps on me before I even realize it’s not November anymore.

Calvin & Hobbes, Hobbes jumping on Calvin

Here we are in the middle of December, nine days from Christmas, and instead of cleaning house, preparing Christmas Eve and Christmas Day meals, buying booze, and enjoying time with the family, I’m furiously swatching Ciatés for the blog!

As an overall note, these are all Ciaté mini bottles (there is one full-sized bottle in the Advent Calendar, but it’s reserved for the 24th), which hold 5 mL. The brush is a proper, full-sized brush: slightly thick and flat, and easy to handle. Ciaté definitely makes one of the nicer mini bottles!

And off we go! Ciaté Mini Manis for Dec. 1–16:

Dec. 1: Heirloom (PPM116)

Stunning in the bottle: a fine glitter with raspberry plum, antique gold, and a splash of deep bottle green iridescence. On the nail, it’s desperately sheer and needs at least three coats to get a bit of color on. This is probably awesome layered over a deeper shade; I’ll have to try it over black!
Ciaté Paint Pots Mini in Heirloom, swatchCiaté Paint Pots Mini in Heirloom, swatch

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Haulage! — Discount OPI, Revlon, Milani (October 2015)

I’m on a makeup low-buy, but this haul still stays within my month’s fun budget! It may look like a lot of product, but it was all on clearance and I ordered it from a site that’s very new to me.

A quick Googling of “toronto discount cosmetics” (I was trying to find out about a makeup warehouse I’d visited well over ten years ago) brought me to (not affiliated), a local beauty warehouse that sells some of their products online. I figuratively jumped out of my seat with glee! has actual warehouse locations in Toronto, the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and Ottawa, but as I am without a car, I rarely venture off the subway line. Incidentally, I don’t think this was the same warehouse company I visited all those years ago: that store was downtown.

SaleEvent nail polish clearance in-store
Ahh, to live in the ‘burbs… Image:

An additional visit to their Facebook page convinced me that that the site was legit, so I placed my first order. They offer free Canadian shipping on orders of $49+, and free US shipping on orders of $75+.

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