MAC Lipstick in Indigo-Go (Matte), free for National Lipstick Day 2017

Haulage! MAC — Lipsticks (National Lipstick Day & More)

A happy belated National Lipstick Day (July 29) to all!

There were many sales offered on lipstick that day, but one of the best deals was from MAC, who gave away a free lipstick at their counters! This offer was valid in the US, Canada, Australia, and I presume other countries, as well. The free lipstick was generally offered from selected shades in their ColourRocker collection of matte lipsticks in a variety of rainbow-inspired hues—though some counters also seemed to include additional shades.

It didn’t appear to be the most organized event, as I heard that some counters ran out of free lipsticks incredibly quickly, and others didn’t even let customers choose a shade, and handed out random lipsticks, instead.

I was lucky, as I hit up my nearest MAC counter in a Hudson’s Bay within an hour of opening, and there was basically no line at all! (Later, I was in the mall to do some shopping at a toy store and Bath & Body Works, and saw that the standalone MAC there had a crazy long lineup! I can only assume that they were offering a better selection of colors, but still, I prefer getting a funky shade and not having to wait at all.)

The SA presented about eight or so shades, mostly from the ColourRocker collection. I think I remember seeing Blue Bang!, Breathing Fire, Flatter Me FierceForbidden Sunrise, Indigo-Go, Mangrove, Uncontrollable, and a taupe neutral or two (maybe Cold Hard Cash? I didn’t really bother with it/them).

Mangrove, a vivid orange-red, initially looked good to me. But I already have similar shades, so I threw caution to the wind and picked up my first ever blue lipstick: Indigo-Go!

MAC Lipstick in Indigo-Go

MAC Lipstick in Indigo-Go
Matte (cornflower blue)

I also totally lucked out, because later that day, a fab friend picked up Blue Bang! for me, which was a total surprise! I love it—and I’ve gone from having zero blue lipsticks to two! Maybe I can do some kind of ombré effect.

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