China Glaze Summer 2018 collection, Shades of Paradise

New Release: China Glaze — Paradise (Summer 2018)

Collection: China Glaze 2018 Summer, Shades of Paradise

China Glaze’s Summer 2018 collection, Shades of Paradise, consists of twelve new shades of nail lacquer.

From China Glaze:

This summer, get some color. No tanning necessary. Just dip your tips in these sea-blue shimmers and bask in the pinky-purple warmth of these tropical sunset crèmes.

Here they are…is it just me, or are China Glaze’s new descriptions sounding rather a lot like those of a competing brand?

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New Releases: Chanel — Le Vernis (Fall & Winter 2017)

Just a quick post to share some of the new Chanel nail colors for fall and winter! There are four new collections listed here:

Holiday 2017

“Celebrating Gabrielle Chanel’s lucky numbers.”


Vert Nº19

Vert Nº22

Vert Nº31

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SinfulColors Fall 2017 collections

New Releases: SinfulColors (Fall 2017 + Halloween)

Here’s a roundup of SinfulColors’ newest collections for Fall 2017!

The Trend #BackToSchool #GetBright

This collection consists of 6 limited edition and 2 repromoted Nail Colors:

Acid Test (Neon Matte), In Your Elemelon (Neon Matte),
Lilac Out Loud (Neon Matte)

Make a Scene (Neon Matte), Quick Study (Neon Matte),
Under the Inbluence (Neon Matte)

Black On Black (repromote), Snow Me White (repromote)

The Trend #BackToSchool #SchoolGoals

This collection consists of 3 limited edition and 8 repromoted Nail Colors:
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SinfulColors Summer 2017 collections

New Releases: SinfulColors (Summer 2017)

I’m always forgetting to post about SinfulColors collections, mostly because it’s hard for me to find new Sinful collections where I am (only the core collection is easily available). Come on, Sinful! You’ve got Revlon’s distribution behind you and I still can’t find your LE displays?!

Anyway, I’m posting summer and fall collections in two batches. This post contains the Summer 2017 collections. Obviously, this is late—and these collections have already disappeared from the SinfulColors website!—but you may still be able to find the displays and collections near you.

The Trend 80’s Flashback: Color Eccentric

This collection consists of 7 limited edition nail colors: 7 intense neons and 1 white that is meant for a neon undercoat:

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Julep Neon Nights July 2017 collection

New Release: Julep — Neon Nights (July 2017)

Collection: Julep 2017 July, Neon Nights, Julep 2017, Zodiac, & June 2017 Let’s Glow Out Mystery Box

Earlier this month, Julep released a Mystery Box which includes two non-mysterious new shades: a blue cream and a black light top coat.

In addition, their July 2017 collection consists of six new—and one re-released—bright cream shades. And, of course, the latest addition to their 2017 Zodiac collection is a new shade for the sign of Cancer (June 21–July 22).

(If you’re unfamiliar with the Julep Maven boxes, check out this review of my first ever Julep box!)

Despite this month’s collection name and the release of a pure white polish (often used under neon shades to make them pop), I’m not entirely sure all the brights are actually neons. Most are certainly bright, though!

Here are all the new shades:

Mystery Box “Let’s Glow Out”

Julep Let's Glow Out Mystery Box (June 2017)

Julep Let’s Glow Out Mystery Box (June 2017), US$24.99. Includes Sibyl (pink tinted black light top coat) and Amalia (Riviera blue crème).

Julep Neon Nights (July 2017)

Julep Neon Nights (July 2017) Nail Colors. US$14 each.

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China Glaze Summer Rain collection (Summer 2017)

New Release: China Glaze — Summer Reign (Summer 2017)

Collection: China Glaze 2017 Summer, Summer Reign

China Glaze’s new Summer 2017 collection is called Summer Reign. It consists of 12 new shades in bright and neon hues.

I certainly like the looks of Emerald Bae (ugh the name), Rosé My Name, and Summer Reign. The presence of gold and silver metallics, usually the bane of winter holiday collections, is a little befuddling! They do make the collection look a little like a beach/winter holiday mashup.

All Glammed Up
mint crème
Chroma Cool
silver metallic
Emerald Bae
deep green crème
Flame Boyant
classic neon red
High Standards
gold metallic
I Truly Azure You
aqua-blue shimmer
Rosé My Name
magenta shimmer
Simply Fa-Blue-less
deep indigo blue crème
Sultry Solstice
orange neon
Summer Reign
bright purple shimmer
Sun-Set the Mood
hot coral crème
Sunset Seeker
blood-orange neon

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New Release: Zoya — Ultra Brites Safe Neons (Summer 2016)

Collection: Zoya 2016 Summer, Ultra Brites Safe Neons

Zoya has released a new summer collection, Ultra Brites Safe Neons, full of intense, cream-finish neon shades.

From Zoya:

We are thrilled to share with you 6 new shades for Summer: Ultra Brites! Not only are these glowing shades the perfect way to brighten up your summer, but they are also safe! Our formula uses the latest environmentally and cosmetically approved pigments in a highly stable formula. This means you get all of the BRIGHT with none of the industrial yuck and commonly associated with colors of this kind (and banned worldwide).

Zoya Ultra Brites Safe Neons collection Summer 2016
Ultra Brites Safe Neons Image:
  • Evergreen, an electric green neon cream
  • Juvia, a summery teal neon cream
  • Mirajane, a classic navy neon cream
  • Cana, a bright neon fuchsia cream
  • Bisca, a hot pink neon cream
  • Erza, a sunny red neon cream

The code NEON gets you free shipping plus two bonuses—full sizes of Zoya Purity & Naked Manicure Glossy Seal—when you order the Ultra Brites Neon Intro Sampler (US$40 for full sizes of all six shades). The offer runs now throgh July 12, 2016. Unfortunately, this deal is valid in the continental US only.

Happy shopping!

Zoya Professional Lacquer retails for US$10 and is 0.5 US fl oz / 15 mL. Zoya nail polishes are free of toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and camphor, and are made in the USA.

Zoya is part of Art of Beauty, a privately held company based in Cleveland, OH, USA.