New Release: Essie — Wild Nudes (Summer 2017)

Collection: Essie 2017 Summer, Wild Nudes

Essie has released their Summer 2017 collection, Wild Nudes, consisting of eight neutral cream shades.

Bare with Me
apricot tone
with gray cast
Clothing Optional
sienna brown
mossy green with
a slight white overcast
light shadowy blue with
an undertone of black
Skinny Dip
light peach pink with
a slight hint of black
Wild Nude
light tan with
a wash of white
Winning Streak
dark purple with
a grayish tone
Without a Stitch
clean light gray

Nothing too unique, but I do like the subtle nuances to each shade. Clothing Optional and Winning Streak are the ones that catch my eye.

Happy Shopping!

New Releases: China Glaze — Shades of Nude & Pastels (Spring 2017, Sally Beauty Exclusives)

Collection: China Glaze 2017 Spring, Shades of Nude & Pastels (Sally Beauty Exclusives)

China Glaze has released two new collections for spring, available exclusively at Sally Beauty, where I never go because it’s too far out of my way, so…meh. Wish they’d get their online shipping done right in Canada; last I tried several years ago, they shipped from the US, ack!

Shades of Nude consists of 12 new shades; Pastels consists of 8 new shades.

Shades of Nude

  • Bourgeois Beige
  • Pixilated [sic]
  • Note to Selfie
  • It’s a Match
  • Don’t Make Me Blush
  • Minimalist Momma
  • A Whole Latte Fun!
  • Fresher Than My Clique
  • Head to Taupe
  • Kill the Lights
  • Bare Attack
  • Give Me S’More

Bourgeois Beige, Pixilated

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Urban Decay Nail Enamel in Sin, swatch

Throwback Thursday! Urban Decay — Sin (Nail Enamel) Swatch & Review

Brand: Urban Decay

Finally this week, after posting about my Ipsy bag, doing a rare Award/Tag, and sharing my Sephora sale haul, I’ve got a nail polish for you all!

For Throwback Thursday today, I have quite an oldie! Urban Decay got their start with unusual shades of eyeshadow, lipstick, and nail polish. This particular polish is from their second revamp (c. early 2000s, maybe?) of their nail polish line, and it was simply called Nail Enamel, like the original.

The bottle was pretty similar to the first style, except the cap was changed to look a little less industrial and a little more luxe.

Urban Decay nail polish history: Curfew, Sin, Gash

Urban Decay nail polish history: Curfew, Sin, Gash

I was glad for the change, even though the new polishes contained 50% less product, because the original bottle caps were plain awful. They were awkwardly small to hold while polishing, and they never screwed on tightly enough so all of my original polishes dried out long ago (as you can see with my bottle of Curfew, above).

(Note how the bottles look progressively bigger, but the volume actually decreases! Ah, marketing.)

The new bottle was discontinued some time ago, though Urban Decay have occasionally reintroduced nail polish here and there as special editions. More recently, they’ve introduced more polish in nude (“Naked”) shades to go with their immensely popular Naked eyeshadow palettes, and they reissued some of their original colors, too. Despite the stupidly high Canadian price (C$18, the hell?!) I had to pick up Gash when UD ran a sale, since it’s one of my favorite red shimmers from back in the day! My original bottle, of course, dried out.

Sin is a pretty nude beige with a lot of silvery shimmer. Definitely one of the more conservative Urban Decay shades! It’s also one of UD’s most popular, as it still exists in eyeshadow form.

Urban Decay Nail Enamel in Sin

Urban Decay Nail Enamel in Sin

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L'Oréal Colour Riche Le Vernis à l'Huile in Moka Chic, swatch

L’Oréal — Moka Chic (Colour Riche Le Vernis à l’Huile) Swatch & Review

Collection: L’Oréal Summer 2016, Le Vernis à l’Huile Nail Lacquer [Launch]

This morning, a woman walking ahead of me carried an umbrella that read in brush calligraphy:

The tears I shed yesterday have become rain.

I guess that’s supposed to be inspiring—and yes, upon Googling it, I realize it’s a quote from a Buddhist monk—but my first thought was, You must have been utterly despondent, because it’s raining cats and dogs today!

I’ve been pretty on the money with matching up my nail polish of the day with Toronto weather. Yesterday, it was crisp and cool, and I posted a crisp, cool red. And today, I have Moka Chic (662), a dreary brown cream for a dreary day.

Please don’t let that description put you off, however—this one actually lives up to the Chic in its name.

It’s a mouse brown cream that is well-balanced: it’s neither too yellow-toned nor too red-toned. It has the right amount of grey to keep the color interesting, and not enough to give me dead hands.

L'Oréal Le Vernis à l'Huile Nail Lacquer in Moka Chic
L’Oréal Le Vernis à l’Huile Nail Lacquer in Moka Chic

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Chanel, Le Vernis Longwear in Blanc White, swatch

Chanel — Blanc White (Le Vernis Longwear) Swatch & Review

Collection: Chanel 2017 Spring, Coco Codes

Chanel’s Spring 2017 Coco Codes collection includes basic colors of nail polish in black (Black Métamorphosis, a tinted top coat), red (Rouge Red), beige (Beige Beige), and white (Blanc White):

Chanel Coco Codes collection, Le Vernis, Spring 2017

When beautyBOUTIQUE was running a sale, I picked up Blanc White (548), which is really more off-white than “white white”. It’s a semi-sheer ivory with a delicate, pearly finish. (I’m not sure why Chanel’s promo pic has it looking so very pink-beige!)

It’s a beautifully classic and conservative shade—really not my kind of thing at all! Ha! But as far as pretty, pale pearl polishes go, it’s really nice.

Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in Blanc White (548)
Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in Blanc White (548)

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China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Dope Taupe, swatch

China Glaze — Dope Taupe (Nail Lacquer) Swatch & Review

Collection: China Glaze 2016 Fall, Rebel

I recently picked up this polish because of a rave from Stash Matters and because it was on sale at Nail Polish Canada.

Dope Taupe (83618) is a sophisticated, midtoned grey cream with hints of mauve.

China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Dope Taupe
China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Dope Taupe

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Pure Ice Shine with Gel Tech Nail Polish in Good Glistener, swatch

Pure Ice — Good Glistener (Shine with Gel Tech Nail Polish) Swatch & Review

Collection: Pure Ice 2016, Shine with Gel Tech Nail Polish [Launch]

Pure Ice, a brand developed with and exclusive to Walmart, is one that I haven’t tried very much in the past. I think I may have owned one or two before I recently bought this one.

Shine with Gel Tech Nail Polish is their newer line of nail polish. I believe their regular Nail Color line is still available, but it’s not on Walmart Canada’s website.

Good Glistener (1280) is a semi-opaque light taupe with gold shimmer.

Pure Ice Shine with Gel Tech Nail Polish in Good Glistener
Pure Ice Shine with Gel Tech Nail Polish in Good Glistener

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