Avon Nailwear Nail Enamel in Wine Velvet, swatch

Throwback Thursday! Avon โ€” Wine Velvet (Nailwear Nail Enamel) Swatch & Review

Brand: Avon

Thanks to my son, there are two Throwback Thursday swatches today!

So, I just posted about how my 1ยฝ yr old little boy got into a box of my nail polish, and I thought all was well.

But, I’d stupidly left the box on the dining table (pushed far in, but clearly that wasn’t enough). With my back turned for 30 seconds, my peanut had grabbed the box, and I yelled “Nooo!” just as it teetered over the edge of the table. Boom, smash, and I can’t believe what a little long-armed monkey he is. I swear, he’s gonna be taller than I am in about five years.

Luckily, the peanut’s just dandy. Once he got over my initial grumbling and scolding, he delighted in my crouching under the table and wiping up spilled polish and small bits of broken glass. He also took off with the paper towels.

Only one bottle of polish broke: NYC Broadway Burgundy, which is no great loss as it was about $1.49 and while it was nice, it’s not irreplaceable.

Another polish, an old Avon Nailwear, apparently already had a broken cap, so when it fell over, it leaked everywhere. So after cleaning everything up, I swatched it for the last time. Then I emptied out the bottle in the trash, over the paper towels I’d used to wipe the spilled polish off the floor.

And, of course, the rule is that all broken and spilled nail polishes must be deep, shimmery reds!

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Throwback Thursday! Quick Photo: Nail Stash, Post-Baby Attack

fivezero's cheap nail polishes, post-baby attack, Avon, Milani, NYC New York Color

Today is Throwback Thursday, which is the perfect day of the week for the peanut to get into one of my nail polish shoeboxes and go to town.

It’s a box of some cheapies, mostly Avon, Milani, and NYC—but many are discontinued so I’m just glad nothing was harmed. And the peanut’s fine, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I need to think seriously about improving my nail polish storage! An IKEA order of more HELMERs is in my future…

[Edit: Aaaaaand, I have an update.]

Halloween 2007: Reds & Blacks

Lastly, some blood reds and midnight blacks:

China Glaze
Where’s My Guard

China Glaze


Starry Night

119A Black Lace


Have a safe and ghoulish Halloween!

Halloween 2007: Greens

Here’s a selection of greens that are currently available for your Halloweening pleasure. I’ll have different holiday colours posted later today…

Have a ghastly day…for now…

CND – Okey
Dokey Artichokey

Green With Envy

118A Big Money

Key Lime Shine

Icing by Claire’s



And, of course, you can also go back to the Sally Hansen and NYC Halloween collections posted earlier in the month.

NYC 2007 Halloween Collection

Of the several colours released by NYC for their Frightful Fingers 2007 Halloween Collection, I only kept two: Orange and Red (they might want to work on their naming for next year…). These, as well as some of the other shades, have exact duplicates in the Sally Hansen collection. Since NYC is the cheaper of the two brands, and is reasonably equivalent in terms of quality, I went with the NYCs!

Orange is a red-orange, and overall it is deeper, redder and brighter than NYC’s 112A Times Square Tangerine. It’s a creme and honestly a pain in the pumpkin to apply. I had to do three coats to get it to a passable level of evenness. At least it’s opaque and the colour is pretty. It kind of has a crayon-y texture that I’m not sure I like. Reminds me of a more orange version of OPI Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It: both are close to neon and have the same strange, glossy but waxy-looking texture. Rating: 2.5/5.

I was quite pleasantly surprised by Red. It applied very smoothly and was perfectly even and opaque with two coats. The red is quite true (neither too blue nor too orange), clear and bright. This one’s a winner for me, and you can’t beat the price with a scythe! Rating: 4.5/5.

Halloween Collection from NYC/Sally Hansen, Swatch & Review

Sally Hansen and NYC, both owned by Del Labs, have released their Halloween collections in Canada. Unsurprisingly (and quite pointlessly) there are duplicate colours in both collections, so for the duped ones I wanted, I went with the less expensive and still reasonable quality NYC versions. However, there were also a few vampy SH ones that I wanted which were not duped in NYC.

Here are the NYC bottles I got, in their Frightful Fingers line, which is essentially packaged in the Long-Wearing Nail Enamel style. They have frightfully (sorry) unimaginative names.






These three are the vampy SH colours, in the New Lengths line:





There was also a creme white (SH), a pink shimmer (NYC), and some other boring colours, but these were the ones that stood out to me. Shame there aren’t more greens, but it’s a nice, well-priced Halloween set! Bwahahaha!