fivezero, 3 Spring Nail Favorites (Collaboration)

3 Spring Nail Favorites (Collaboration)

Today, my blog is dipping a toe into uncharted territory! This is my first ever collaboration, with the lovely Kanza of Faded Rouge. We’re each sharing three favorite nail colors for the spring.

I’ll review each of these selections in more detail later this week, but here are my current top 3 picks for delightful, spring-inspired nail colors! I’ve selected them from Orly, SinfulColors, and Zoya.

Coming into spring from the icy winter, I always love pastels and brights on the nail, with a touch of crisp sparkle.

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Orly Nail Lacquer in Haute Red, swatch

Classics: Orly — Haute Red (Nail Lacquer)

Brand: Orly

Haute Red (20001) is listed in my database as being coded 40001, so I think at some point Orly changed their numbering system. I also don’t know which collection this came from, though it was released as a miniature in 2006. All of Orly’s codes are 5-digits, however, so as an -0001, I feel like Haute Red just might be Orly’s first ever shade!

It is, after all, a pretty standard cherry red cream that would be included in most collection launches.

Everybody needs a red cream—just my opinion but yeah, you do!—and this is a fairly basic, flattering, true-to-slightly-cool-toned light-medium red cream. It’s bright without screaming, sexy yet sweet, and so on.

Orly Nail Lacquer in Haute Red
Orly Nail Lacquer in Haute Red

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New Release: Orly — La La Land (Spring 2017)

Collection: Orly 2017 Spring, La La Land

Orly’s Spring 2017 collection, La La Land, appears to be hitchhiking on the coattails of the hit movie of the same name; I don’t think the film is affiliated with this collection. “La-La Land” is a common enough phrase, though, and Orly is based in Los Angeles, after all!

The collection consists of six new shades: one holographic glitter and five pastel creams:

  • Anything Goes (holo opal glitter)
  • As Seen On TV (lilac creme)
  • Big City Dreams (mint green creme)
  • Cool In California (poppy pink creme)
  • Forget Me Not (pastel blue creme)
  • Head In the Clouds (light pink creme)

Anything Goes, As Seen On TV

Big City Dreams, Cool In California

Forget Me Not, Head In the Clouds

It’s not the most exciting collection, but it’s spring-pretty and a nice way to get geared up for the Oscars tonight! I imagine La La Land will pick up a fair number of statuettes.

Happy shopping!


New Release: Orly — Mulholland (Fall 2016)


Collection: Orly 2016 Fall, Muholland

Orly’s Fall 2016 collection, Mulholland, introduces six shades of bronzes and greys, plus a plummy shimmer and a fiery red cream thrown in for good measure:

  • Mansion Lane, grey cream.
  • Hillside Hideout, plum shimmer.
  • Cahuenga Pass, red cream.
  • Million Dollar Views, copper shimmer.
  • Meet Me at Mulholland, bronze shimmer.
  • Party in the Hills, grey glitter.

The shades are available in three formulas: Nail Lacquer, EPIX Flexible Color, and GelFX.

A mini kit in the regular Nail Lacquer is also offered, with little 0.18 fl oz bottles (full sized bottles are 0.6 oz) of Cahuenga Pass, Party in the Hills, Hillside Hideout, and Million Dollar Views.

I’m loving the shimmers, especially Meet Me at Mulholland and Million Dollar Views!


Orly Nail Lacquer retails for US$8.50 and is 0.6 US fl oz / 18 mL. Orly nail polishes are free of toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and camphor, and are made in the USA.

Orly International Inc. was founded by Jeff Pink in 1975, in Los Angeles, CA, USA. Orly claims that Pink invented the “original French manicure” as a manicurist on Hollywood sets; while he might have come up with the name, and marketed it as an at-home kit in the 70s, others suggest that the style had been around since possibly the 1930s, and in France.

Jenna Hipp Essential Nail & Hand Cream Trio

Haulage! Winners & HomeSense (April–May 15, 2016)

I know it’s only halfway through May, but I felt like doing another roundup of my Winners & HomeSense finds for the last month and a half. (See January–February here, then March here (well, in all of those Haulage Week posts!)

My husband, who follows these things, informed me this week that sales at existing TJ Maxx stores in Canada (that’s Winners, Marshalls and HomeSense) have gone up something like 14%! I think that’s over the last quarter…or year? Anyway, it’s gone up! I suppose I’m just doing my part for the stock price, right? And TJ Maxx has been doing better in Canada than it has been in, say, the UK (where it’s TK Maxx) and Australia.

Anyway, here’s the haulage:

Cargo Lip Gel Color Kit
Cargo Lip Gel Color Kit [CA$19.99]
This 4-pack of full-sized lipsticks was a little too well-priced for me to pass up! I gave two away (Amore and Bella) and kept Dolce and Felice for myself. I normally don’t care for lipstick tubes made of cardboard (yeah, you, old school Stila!), but these sure are purty. Made in China. MSRP US$25, though it’s currently on the website for US$15.
Cargo Lip Gel Color in Dolce
Cargo Lip Gel Color in Dolce.


Cargo Lip Gel Color in Felice
Cargo Lip Gel Color in Felice.


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Orly Nail Lacquer in On the Edge, swatch

Orly — On the Edge (Nail Lacquer)

Collection: Orly 2015 Summer, Adrenaline Rush

I got this polish from a recent order.

Despite On the Edge (20853) being a medium-deep blue-toned purple, it’s somehow a kind of neon shade. Not that it’s fluorescent-looking like light neons tend to be, but the color is on the “electric” purple side, the formula dries semi-matte, and it photographs totally the wrong color as neons tend to do!

I’ve had to alter the color on my photos, because the originals came out looking electric blue rather than purple. It can look bluer in some yellower indoor light, though. The polish is also a little bit less blue-toned in the bottle than the way it dries on the nail, though I don’t think that quite came through in any of the swatches.

Here’s how blue the non-color-corrected version comes out (the index and middle nails are shiny because I put a glossy top coat on them for this picture):
Orly Nail Lacquer in On the Edge, swatch, not color-corrected for neon adjustment

A glossy top coat over this shade really amps it up to an intense indigo-purple. This is a magnificent purple!

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Orly Nail Lacquer in Feel the Funk, swatch

Orly — Feel the Funk (Nail Lacquer)

Collection: Orly 2016 Spring, Melrose

Feel the Funk is the second of two Orlys I got from Melrose, their Spring 2016 collection (Window Shopping is the other). I was under the impression that one was a pink holo glitter and one was a cranberry cream, but there was some kind of mistake. On Orly’s website, Feel the Funk looks pink (3rd from right), and Window Shopping looks pinkish-red (farthest right):


Feel the Funk (20868), described by Orly as an “ultra holographic glitter”, is actually more soft lavender than intense pink. They’re spot-on with the holographic glitter, though: holographic rainbow glitter that I’d class in the microglitter size is suspended throughout the polish in the perfect amount. It’s more than a bit princess-y looking, but I love it!

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