Red Carpet Manicure — Cavier Dreams & Overnight Sensation (Nail Lacquer) Swatch & Review

Red Carpet Manicure Nail Lacquer in Cavier Dreams [sic]

That right there is a source of great annoyance for me. Red Carpet Manicure’s Cavier Dreams. Yup. They misspelled caviar. I mean, I hope that I’m just unaware of something called cavier that one has dreams about, but I think that they just didn’t have the spellcheck on.

Normally, this wouldn’t annoy me that much—well, OK, it would, but less so—but I have to input it into my database with the misspelling and all. AAAAAAAAUGH. (Please check out the nail polish database if you’re a collector, though! I am really aiming to get the beta testing up and running within the next couple of months, and a revamp to make it mobile-friendly is coming very soon.)

Red Carpet Manicure Nail Lacquer in Cavier Dreams [sic]

OK. Deep breath. Red Carpet Manicure is mostly known for their LED Gel Polish, but they also have this regular nail polish line that I tried when started selling them. I bought a few when they were on sale, then later on they started to go on clearance, and I bought a few more. Now they’re like, giving them away at CA$2.50, so I ordered a few more. Hey, I wasn’t on my low-buy, yet!

So I have a whole bunch of these to swatch! I have no real organized way to group these shades, so I’ll just randomly post about them as I swatch them.

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