Zoya + Redbook nail polish naming contest, 2015

Zoya + Redbook Nail Polish Naming Contest — Winners Announced & Available

Collection: Zoya 2015 Winter, Redbook

The winners of the Zoya + Redbook nail polish naming contest have been announced, and are now available online with a code for free shipping!

The code is RBXZ, and I believe it is valid for the US and Canada, only. (Canadians do have to pay an additional international processing fee.)

Zoya and Redbook Magazine have teamed up to bring you a super exclusive, never-before-seen holiday trio! Each of the three custom shades were named by Redbook readers who submitted stories of an inspirational woman in their life. The winners have been selected and we’re happy to announce the names for these gorgeous shades – Renee (red), Cindy (gold glitter) and Marjorie (plum glitter)!

The offer runs through November 18, 2015.

Congrats to the three winning entries!

Zoya new polishes for Redbook, August 2015

Zoya + Redbook Nail Polish Naming Contest (US & Canada Only)

Zoya and Redbook have teamed up with a set of three new nail colors. A contest is being held to find names for each shade. The companies are asking you to honor a girl or woman you know by submitting her name into the contest. Presumably, you’ll want to choose someone who doesn’t already share her name with a Zoya polish!

Enter here, and good luck!

Zoya + Redbook nail polish naming contest, August 2015
Image: zoya.com

[EDIT 2015-08-22. BEWARE: I submitted an entry and got automatically subscribed to Redbook Magazine, despite the contest page saying “no purchase necessary”. So I have asked Redbook to cancel the subscription. We’ll see what happens. Not cool, Redbook.]

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