Layered NOTD: Rimmel Scene Stealer & Sally Hansen Jamboree Beauty

I think I’ve mentioned before that I avoid swatching sheer polishes because my nails are always stained! I recently got a bottle of Rimmel Play Fast nail polish in Scene Stealer, which is a sheer, sparkly bronze. I tried swatching it but could still see my orange-stained nail underneath (not pretty!). I tried one coat of it over a deep burgundy shimmer (Sally Hansen No Chip in Jamboree Beauty) and it turned out quite marvelously! I’m not usually a big sparkles person, but this was very cool. It becomes a deep, chocolate-y brown with loads of golden bronze shimmer/sparkles. I think I probably could have used a plain black underneath and the result would have been about the same. Rating: 4/5.

Halloween 2007: Greens, Part 2

Freshly swatched greens.

Rimmel Camouflage

Claire’s Emerald Metallic

Claire’s Envy

Here’s Claire’s Glow in the Dark. I was hoping that since it is sheer (with glitter!) it could be layered over any colour, thereby transforming it into a glow-in-the-dark polish. Unfortunately, even with five coats, this polish is not quite functional on the nail. The bottle glows, though…guess I need 10 coats or more. Anyway, save your money! I’m sure there must be other GITD polishes out there that work.

And, lastly, one of my favourite greens of all time, which is really an olive/amethyst duochrome, is Rimmel’s Zeitgeist: