Milani Baked Blushes in Bella Bellini & Rosa Romantica

Milani — Bella Bellini & Rosa Romantica (Baked Blush) Swatch & Review, Plus NARS Orgasm & Deep Throat

Earlier this year (or possibly late last year), Milani introduced two new shades of their highly popular Baked Blushes: Bella Bellini and Rosa Romantica.

I noticed them in a Rexall last month (Canada often gets new drugstore releases fairly late) and have been stalking the weekly sales ever since. Last week, they finally had Milani products on Buy One, Get One 50% off so they came to $6.29 each—yeah, Rexall’s sales can be pretty meh—and I had to run to a larger Rexall to snag both shades. Ideally, I’d have waited for a sale at where Baked Blushes are a smidge cheaper, but they didn’t have the new shades at all.

But anyway, I am so happy I got them because they’re utterly gorgeous!

They have the same lovely, soft, highly-pigmented texture of all the other Baked Blushes (see my Megapost here! I think I have all of them except for Red Vino, which I can never find and may have to purchase in the US).

Bella Bellini (12) is a stunner. Milani calls it a “rose gold”, though I think it’s a lot more intense pink than rose gold usually inspires. It’s an azalea pink loaded with golden shimmer: very NARS Orgasm, except with even more shimmer.

Below, I have a swatch comparison of the following blushes:

  • Milani Baked Blush in Bella Bellini (12)
  • Milani Baked Blush in Corallina (08)
  • Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso (05)
  • NARS Blush in Deep Throat
  • NARS Blush in Orgasm

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Julep, September 2017 nail color collection

New Release: Julep — Collection (September 2017)

Collection: Julep 2017 September, Julep 2017, Zodiac

Julep’s August 2017 collection consists of six new—and two re-released—neutral shades for fall. And, of course, the latest addition to their 2017 Zodiac collection is a new shade for the sign of Virgo (August 23–September 22).

(If you’re unfamiliar with the Julep Maven boxes, check out this review of my first ever Julep box!)

Here are all the new shades and products:

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fivezero's tarte Custom Kit Sale haulage (May 2017)

Haulage! tarte Custom Beauty Kit Sale (May 2017)

Last week, tarte ran a pretty awesome one-day sale for a 7-piece Custom Beauty Kit, and as I’d never taken advantage of it before (or even ordered from tarte’s website), I took the plunge!

My order arrived last Thursday, which was great, as I wasn’t entirely sure whether it had to ship from the US to Canada. As it turns out, my package was shipped from Richmond Hill, ON, so tarte seems to ship Canadian orders domestically and additional duties were not incurred. Just what I need, another Canadian online store to shop from! Haha…

tarte sent a bonus code with my order, as well:
use the code REVEAL for 15% your order through May 31, 2017.

Here’s the damage (all for CA$84, though there was an additional $10 off code that I didn’t learn about until after I’d ordered, rats!). All items are full-size.

  • Unicorn Fabric Cosmetic Bag (MSRP CA$12)
  • Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation in Light Neutral (MSRP CA$51)
  • Colored Clay Bronzer Blush in Peach Bronze (MSRP CA$40)
  • Drench Lip Splash Lipstick in Surfer Girl (MSRP CA$26)
  • Clay Pot Waterproof Shadow Liner (doubles as cream eyeshadow) in Rose Gold (MSRP CA$25)
  • lights, camera, lashes Double-Ended Lash Fibers & 4-in-1 Mascara (MSRP CA$28)
  • Double-Ended Camouflage Brush/Tool (MSRP CA$45, on sale for $38)

So, I got a total of CA$227 ($220 if you use the brush’s sale price) worth of product for $84. Not too shabby, especially since I definitely see myself using everything!

One issue: I meant to select the lipstick in Happy, a rose shade, but somehow I ended up with Surfer Girl, a fuchsia, in my final order. I went back to the website after I noticed this and saw that the it was making shade selections even if I just moused over a swatch; I’d assumed that a click was required. Gah! Once again, I am reminded that I need to double check my orders before clicking “Submit”! In any case, Surfer Girl turns out to be quite pretty, so I’m all right with my mistake.

Check out detailed photos of the items:

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Nails Inc. Sweet Almonds Powered by Matcha Nail Polish in Mayfair Market (mini), swatch

Nails Inc. — Mayfair Market (Sweet Almond Nail Polish) Swatch & Review

Collection: Nails Inc. 2016 Spring, Sweet Almonds Powered by Matcha

Nails Inc. is a British brand that I first tried many years ago—I swapped for some with a lovely Scottish girl, but my first might have been bought off eBay. The older bottles were little cylinders; their newer lines come in rectangular bottles that are similar to polishes by British-inspired (but actually American) brand butter LONDON.

In recent years, Nails Inc. have been hopping on the superfood bandwagon and they put all kinds of foodstuffs in their polishes, from kale to coconut. I don’t get it at all, but I suppose I’m not the target market.

Nevertheless, I’m still a sucker for pretty polishes even if they have some nuts or berries in them, so last November I picked up a Nails Inc. set including four mini “Nail Fuel” colors and one base coat.

The polish I’m reviewing today is from their Sweet Almonds Powered by Matcha line.

This new range of Sweet Almond nail polishes provides a fresh take on the classic nude palette. Choose from muted yet rich shades in porcelain grey, linen blue grey, warmed pink and a luxurious, subtle rose gold. Each shade is formulated with a sweet almond oil base and enriched with Matcha powder – a powerful and potent antioxidant. The result is an intense moisture booster for optimum nail health and protection.

Mayfair Market is a lovely pinked copper penny shade that is, rather unfortunately, also a superfrost. I think Nails Inc. are calling this a rose gold, but I feel it’s a bit too orange.

Nails Inc. Sweet Almond Nail Polish in Mayfair Market (mini)
Nails Inc. Sweet Almond Nail Polish in Mayfair Market (mini)

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Deborah Lippmann Nail Color in Glamorous Life, swatch

Throwback Thursday! Deborah Lippmann — Glamorous Life (Nail Color) Swatch & Review

Brand: Deborah Lippmann

I don’t know exactly when this shade was released, but a quick Google tells me that the earliest online reviews are from 2011, and that Deborah Lippmann spent ages trying to get a nail polish to match a rose gold Rolex watch. That is exactly the kind of dedication I like in my nail polish brands!

Rolex Day-Date watch in Everrose Gold
Rolex Day-Date in Everrose Gold

As a result, Glamorous Life—pity she didn’t go with a horologically-inspired name—is less of a pink rose gold and more of a classic jewelry rose gold. It’s not basically pink (see The Semiotics of “Rose Gold”), but a regular yellow gold that’s been slightly warmed up with the addition of some copper, making it less brassy and more bashful.

Deborah Lippmann Nail Color in Glamorous Life
Deborah Lippmann Nail Color in Glamorous Life

It’s weird when I Google for images of this polish, because a few of them look quite blush pink, and the others look more like mine, a soft gold, or maybe a touch copper. It could be that the color has changed over the years, but I don’t really remember this bottle looking especially pink when I got it, either. It also looks gold in the photos by a couple of bloggers who swatched back in 2011/12, so maybe I’ll just chalk it all up to lighting differences. I can’t see my bottle looking very pink under any lights, though. Batch inconsistencies could be a culprit, too.

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Sally Hansen Color Therapy in Powder Room, swatch

Sally Hansen — Powder Room (Color Therapy) Swatch & Review

Collection: Sally Hansen 2016 Summer, Color Therapy [Launch]

I know this isn’t very Halloween-y at all, but I decided that my nail polish backlog is too great, especially since I also just picked up a number of Sally Hansen, L’Oréal, and Trust Fund Beauty polishes.

I haven’t reviewed many Sally Hansen polishes in a very long time (my last one was a Throwback Thursday review of Mandarin Mantra), but I recently became more interested in the brand after their recent summer launch of Color Therapy, a nail color infused with argan oil. The bottles look like the existing Complete Salon Manicure line, except with rose gold caps. Yup. I’m sold. (Ridiculous of me, I am aware!)

Shoppers Drug Mart ran a sale a couple of weeks ago, so I picked up Powder Room (200), Slicks and Stones (390), and Therapewter (130). I must mention that one reason I tend not to buy Sally Hansen polishes is that their top-shelf lines like Complete Salon Manicure and MiracleGel are actually priced higher than, say Essie. And I will almost always pick an Essie (one of my favorite brands of polish) over a Sally Hansen. The Color Therapy polishes tend to retail for about CA$12, and I got them on sale for $9.99. By comparison, I can often get Essies on sale for around $7–8.

So, my hope for these new Color Therapy polishes is that they make a case for being chosen over a less expensive Essie. Their marketing gimmick of containing argan oil doesn’t move me—polish needs to harden up, and I doubt there can be any benefit to the presence of said oil, let alone provide “instant moisture”.

Introducing new Color Therapy™, gorgeous color that cares while you wear! The patented argan oil formula fuses intensive nourishment and instant moisture for healthy looking nails.

Powder Room (200) is a soft beige-pink opaque frost that has a touch of taupe. The finish gives it a satin ribbon look.

Sally Hansen Color Therapy in Powder Room

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Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in Champagne Socialite, swatch

Trust Fund Beauty — Champagne Socialite (Nail Polish) Swatch & Review

Brand: Trust Fund Beauty

I first heard of Trust Fund Beauty through Ipsy, and have been wanting to receive one of their nail polishes for months! Finally, last month, Ipsy sent one to me, and it’s in a fabulous rose gold. I can’t get enough of rose gold anything!

Now, I already have a number of rose gold polishes, like China Glaze Meet Me in the Mirage, H&M Shakudo, Misa Flutter & Feather Missha Wonder Woman GPK05, and Deborah Lippmann Glamorous Life (which I need to swatch and review one of these days). However, there is always room for more!

Champagne Socialite is a super-shimmery rose gold metallic that leans more pink than copper. It has a silvery aspect in its packed shimmer.

Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in Champagne Socialite

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