Sacha Nail Enamel in Knock Out Punch, swatch

Sacha — Knock Out Punch (Nail Enamel) Swatch & Review

Collection: Sacha 2013 Fall

There’s no Throwback Thursday this week, because I’ve decided I just have too much of a backlog to get through! If I keep doing Throwback Thursdays, eventually most of my polishes will be eligible for that category. Hahaha!

Today, I have a brand that I haven’t seen up here in Canada. It’s Sacha Cosmetics, more commonly found in the USA and in the Caribbean, where it was founded. Specifically, Sacha was founded in Trinidad & Tobago, where I have family, so I have a few of their polishes lying around.

The brand, now based in Florida, is marketed to women of color, and I always like trying products from such brands because their colors can be so well-pigmented and intense.

The shade I have is from their 2013 collection. I can’t find any nail polish on their website, oddly enough. But here is the Nail Enamel promo from their Facebook page:

Sacha Nail Enamel, Fall 2013 collection
Sacha Nail Enamel, Fall 2013 collection.
Image: Sacha Cosmetics (via Facebook)

Knock Out Punch is a deep, vampy forest green shimmer. There’s loads of shimmer, so it does veer toward frost-land, but it does go on quite streak-free.

Sacha Nail Enamel in Knock Out Punch
Sacha Nail Enamel in Knock Out Punch

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