The Scented Lair haulage, May 2016

The Scented Lair (Part I) — Scented Bath Products (May 2016) Review

Hold on to your loofahs!

This post spans two days with lots of reviews of bath and body goodies from The Scented Lair. Today’s section, Part I, covers the bath products. Part II will review the body moisturizers.

Back in the day, when I frequented the MUA boards a lot more, I heard about a Canadian company called Make Me Smooth (it was actually Make Me Up prior to that) with a library of delightful scent creations, and would scent various bath and body products with the scents you chose. Many of the scents were food-related, and as a sucker for anything citrus+vanilla, I dove head-in and ordered at least a couple of times from MMS. (It wasn’t particularly inexpensive, and my fun-budget was lower in those right-outta college days!)

I adored those creams and bubbles! But then MMS, which was run by one woman, Nancy, out of her home in Quebec, had to shut down because said woman was moving—I believe it was to Australia! I think she did set up shop there, under a different name, but getting anything shipped to Canada from Australia was just not happening. Yikes, I don’t even want to think about the shipping costs!

So I held on to my last little empty tub of a MMS body cream that was imbued with a gorgeous fluttery, lemon-y cake scent—I forget the fragrance name—for years! It still smelled great when I finally recycled it last year (yes, I’m a bit nuts). There was also an orange marzipan scent (White Panforte!) that I adored. She also did fragrances that were her versions of popular perfumes, like Flowerbomb, Amazing Grace, and Pink Sugar, but for the most part I stuck with her own creations, which tended to be wonderful.

Anyway, once I threw out that old tub, it occurred to me to search for Nancy’s company again. Lo and behold, she was back in Quebec! And the new incarnation of her bath & body store was called The Scented Lair. Not much appears to have changed—the product lineup seems quite similar, based on my probably faulty memory, though some product names have changed. Most of the fragrances have been updated, as well, but as before, the library of scents, the Scent Menu Bar, takes a lot of time and note-taking to get through! There are plenty of scents that are not foody/gourmand, so I feel that most people should be able to find something they like. You can always get your products unscented, as well, but that just seems…not right at this shop. Haha!

The shop was closed for a while, but popped back again sometime in April, so, armed with the 15% discount code Nancy provided for the launch, I placed an order.

Here are the eight products, and their scents, that I received:

  • Shower Scene (Whiskers scent)
  • Foaming Shower Meringue (Lemon Coconut Gâteau scent)
  • Sugar Puss (Paper Dolls scent)
  • Layers (Kulu Bay scent)
  • Soufflé (Kitten Paws scent)
  • Hemp-isphere (A Mermaid’s Wish scent)
  • Whipped (Limone con Latte Zuccherato scent)
  • Whipped (Monkey Farts scent)

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