YInMn blue. Image: Oregon State University.

News: A New Blue, Coming to a Store Near You

[YInMn blue. Image: Oregon State University.]

In 2009, researchers at Oregon State University accidentally discovered a new shade of “surprisingly intense” blue pigment by heating manganese oxides to nearly 2000°F. The color is named YInMn after its component elements: yttrium, indium, and manganese.

This new family of pigments could be the most stable and durable blue pigments ever created. They are “safer to produce, much more durable, and should lead to more environmentally benign blue pigments than any being used now or in the past. They can survive at extraordinarily high temperatures and don’t fade after a week in an acid bath.” YInMn is also nontoxic, making it safe for a wide variety of uses.

Additionally, it turns out that the color has a high infrared reflectivity, so it can be used in roofing as an energy efficient way to cool buildings. YInMn has now been licensed and will be used for a range of coatings and plastics.

I wonder how long it will take for YInMn blue to make it into a bottle of nail polish! It looks like it’d be quite the stunner.

Here are a few similary intense blue nail shades I’ve reviewed:

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