OPI California Dreaming collection (Summer 2017)

New Release: OPI — California Dreaming (Summer 2017)

Collection: OPI 2017 Summer, California Dreaming

OPI has released their California Dreaming collection, which consists of 12 new shades in Nail Lacquer, Infinite Shine, and Gel lines. The collection was created in conjunction with celebrity nail artist Steph Stone.

We’re California Dreaming this summer, cruising the quintessential coastline that connects SoCal and NorCal alongside celebrity nail artist Steph Stone.

An authority on all things nails, Steph has worked with brands and beauties from Chanel and Violet Grey to Miley Cyrus, Alessandra Ambrosio and Chiara Ferragni, to name a few. She’s even painted paws for the pages of Harper’s Bazaar, Paper, and Cosmopolitan magazines!

  • Keep in mind that OPI’s official bottle pics do not show texture (shimmer, frost, etc.) so they all look like creams. Don’t Take Yosemite for Granite and Sweet Carmel Sunday actually appear to be metallics.

Barking Up the Wrong Sequoia

Don’t Take Yosemite for Granite *

Excuse Me, Big Sur!

Feeling Frisco

GPS I Love You

Malibu Pier Pressure

Me, Myselfie & I

Santa Monica Beach Peach

Sweet Carmel Sunday *

This Is Not Whine Country

Time For a Napa

To the Mouse House We Go!

The Mini Nail Lacquers set for this collection contains This Is Not Whine Country, Malibu Pier Pressure, Santa Monica Beach Peach, and Time For a Napa:

OPI California Dreaming collection minis, Summer 2017

Here’s the original “California Dreamin'” (1965) tune by The Mamas & The Papas. I don’t like it, but Peanut does and he and his dad dance around all evening to it. Gah!

Happy Shopping!

[Images via opi.com]