New Release: OPI — Pop Culture (Summer 2018)


Collection: OPI 2018 Summer, Pop Culture

OPI has released a new effects collection, Pop Culture, for Summer 2018!

Introducing six new vibrant colors infused with bubble-like translucent particles for textured nails like you’ve never seen before.


The new collection consists of 6 new limited edition shades of Nail Lacquer. Frankly, I hate most textured polishes, and a bubble effect on the nail just makes me think of disease. Shudder. Hard pass for me.

At least the colors look cute! They’re a little shimmery, too.

Pink Bubbly
Ahhh, sip slowly and enjoy a nail polish manicure of pure pink effervescence.

OPI Pops
Raspberry red nail polish to make your nails POP-POP-POP!

Hate to Burst Your Bubble
A not so mellow yellow nail polish that treats your nails to an explosive burst of color.

Bumpy Road Ahead
Hang on! A galactic blue nail polish that will launch your nails into another dimension.

Days of Pop
Let your nail polish tell a story about your favorite old jeans and a bottle of pop.

Pop Star
Bring on the paparazzi! This poppin’ purple nail polish is ready to pounce.

4-pc Mini Set
OPI Pops, Pink Bubbly, Pop Star, Days of Pop

Happy Shopping!

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New Releases: SinfulColors × Kandee Johnson — Pretty Vintage & Vintage Anime (Spring 2017)

Collections: SinfulColors × Kandee Johnson 2017 Spring, Pretty Vintage and Vintage Anime

Finally, to round off the new Spring 2017 SinfulColors collections, here are two sets released in collaboration with celebrity makeup artist Kandee Johnson. All the shades are sugar-textured, matte, holographic, or iridescent.

Pretty Vintage consists of 3 new shades of Sugar-textured polishes and 9 new shades of Matte polishes in the regular Nail Color line.

  • Pink Sugar (Sugar: sparkling pink)
  • Mint Sugar (Sugar: sparkling mint & gold)
  • Pink Velvet (Sugar: sparkling rosy pink & gold)
  • Cherry On Top (Matte: shimmering maraschino cherry)
  • Licorice (Matte: shimmering black & gold)
  • Peaches N’ Cream (Matte: peach)
  • Strawberry Milk (Matte: pastel pink)
  • Mint Chip (Matte: vintage green)
  • Kanfetti (Matte: pastel blue, pink & green sparkling glitter)
  • Candy Hearts (Matte: powder blue)
  • Pin Up Pink (Matte: fuchsia pink)
  • Whipped Frosting (Matte: shimmery white)

Pink Sugar (Sugar), Mint Sugar (Sugar), Pink Velvet (Sugar)

Cherry On Top (Matte), Licorice (Matte), Peaches N’ Cream (Matte)

Strawberry Milk (Matte), Mint Chip (Matte), Kanfetti (Matte)

Candy Hearts (Matte), Pin Up Pink (Matte), Whipped Frosting (Matte)

Vintage Anime consists of 12 new shades of iridescent and holographic polishes in the regular Nail Color line.
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Yves Rocher Botanical Colour Nail Polish in Frosted Pink Champagne, swatch

Yves Rocher — Frosted & Pearly Pink Champagne / Champagne rosé givré & perlé (Botanical Colour Nail Polish) Swatch & Review

Collection: Yves Rocher 2015 Winter, Holiday

Yves Rocher released a collection of holiday shades in their new Botanical Colour Nail Polish line, which I’ve been loving! The collection also includes a loose flake glitter in rose gold.

I recently ordered the lot of them (apart from the flake glitter, which I’m just not into) when they went on sale. Today, I’m reviewing two of the nude shades, Frosted Pink Champagne / Champagne rosé givré (03) and Pearly Pink Champagne / Champagne rosé perlé (04).

Yves Rocher Holiday 2015 Botanical Color Nail Polish haulage
Yves Rocher Holiday 2015 Botanical Color Nail Polish haulage

Frosted Pink Champagne / Champagne rosé givré (03) is a light pink-beige with a mix of silvered-sugar shimmer and irregularly shaped glitter, and it dries to a textured sand finish. It’s probably meant to be reminiscent of glittery holiday ornaments, but it reminds me more of a sandy beach with sparkling particles of mother-of-pearl. I am no lover of textured polishes (I’d wear this one with a smooth top coat), but I really love the look of this one!

Pearly Pink Champagne / Champagne rosé perlé (04) is an ultra-smooth, pale peachy-pink with a strong pearly frost finish. This finish is not for everyone, but I dig it, particularly in this satin pink/peach shade.

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