Sale Alert! eBates Canada Spring Sale (15% Cash Back at Selected Stores)

‘Cause we need more sales, right?!

eBates Canada (referral link) is running a spring sale in which a whole lotta stores get a whopping 15% cash back. This deal is for today (May 10, 2017) only.

The beauty-related sites are:

  • Ahava
  • Aveda
  • Barneys New York
  • Biotherm
  • The Body Shop
  • Carol’s Daughter
  • Clarisonic
  • Forever 21
  • Kiehl’s
  • Lancôme
  • Macy’s
  • Murad
  • philosophy
  • Shopbop
  • Urban Decay
  • Yves Rocher
  • Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

Other fun sites:

  • Alex and Ani
  • Baublebar
  • Club Monaco
  • Cole Haan
  • Columbia Sportswear
  • eBags
  • Figleaves
  • Joe Fresh (they don’t have their makeup online, AFAIK)
  • La Senza
  • Links of London
  • Matt & Nat
  • Merrell
  • Michael Kors
  • Modcloth
  • Rebecca Taylor
  • 7 for All Mankind
  • Sorel
  • Stuart Weitzman
  • Teavana

See the full list here.

Happy shopping!


The Body Shop Colour Crush Nail Polish in Meet Me at Dusk, swatch

The Body Shop — Meet Me at Dusk (Colour Crush Nail Polish) Swatch & Review

Collection: The Body Shop 2015 Summer, Colour Crush Nail Polish [Launch]

The Body Shop has been clearancing their nail polishes, so I couldn’t resist picking up a few more at CA$2 a pop. I’ve reviewed a few other Colour Crush Nail Polishes in the past, and they’re pretty nice polishes for the price (CA$8 but of course sales would make them about $4).

Here’s Meet Me at Dusk (820), a very conservative and office-friendly shade of soft brick rose in a cream finish. It runs warm, though it would probably still work quite nicely on cool-toned skin. My warm skintone probably makes it look a bit peachier.

The Body Shop Colour Crush Nail Polish in Meet Me at Dusk
The Body Shop Colour Crush Nail Polish in Meet Me at Dusk

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Haulage! The Body Shop Post-Holiday Sale (January 2017)

I’ve been AWOL for a while! Apologies—I’m sure we’ve all been terribly busy with the start of the new year, and it’s been the same for me.

Here’s a quick post to remind you all that The Body Shop has clearanced their holiday products and (I presume) newly discontinued items, and the sales are pretty good! I know I like to complain about their products, as quite a lot I’ve tried aren’t all that great, but damn it’s hard to beat a good sale, isn’t it? And, they do have some gems here and there.

I placed two orders, one yesterday and another today when they reduced some prices even more. Plus, I have the Love Your Body 10% discount, which expires in May, so I should take advantage of it as much as I can. I don’t expect to renew the card this year.

Here’s the combined haulage:

Vanilla Chai Body Butter, Body Scrub, & Lip Balm

Vanilla Chai is a holiday limited edition scent, and I love it! This smells to me like a sweet chai with loads of vanilla. I don’t really get the eggnog vibe that some people are talking about—I definitely get chai. I know this because last year, I ordered the Body Butter, then totally forgot what scent I ordered when I slathered it on. I instantly thought, “This smells like sweet chai!” and not, “Mmm, eggnog.” And I love eggnog. A scent for next Christmas, perhaps?

The Body Shop Body Butter in Vanilla Chai
The Body Shop Body Butter in Vanilla Chai
The Body Shop Body Scrub in Vanilla Chai
The Body Shop Body Scrub in Vanilla Chai
The Body Shop Lip Balm in Vanilla Chai
The Body Shop Lip Balm in Vanilla Chai

I don’t like the Lip Butters I’ve tried; hopefully this one will be better since it is called Lip Balm and comes in a tin. At least I know I’ll like the scent!

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The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream (new reformulation), travel size

Throwback Thursday! The Body Shop — Vitamin E Moisture Cream Review

Today’s Throwback Thursday is, like the Ananya review I posted a couple of weeks ago, another product from The Body Shop.

I’m not sure when it was first released but its MUA reviews go back to 2002, in which the first reviewer mentions having used the product for seven years, so I think this product certainly dates back to at least the mid 1990s.

Review of The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream

The fact that in over twenty years I’ve never tried such a popular product doesn’t surprise me: I’ve never been the biggest fan of The Body Shop, since the majority of their products don’t seem to work well for me (exceptions have been the newer Colour Crush nail polishes and some of the perfumes). Recently, I’ve been bingeing a bit on their products and decided to purchase a small travel sized version of this ’90s classic.

Paula Begoun’s Beautypedia totally pans this product, though I noted that they haven’t reviewed it in its reformulated version. The version on Beautypedia’s site lists a metric buttload of parabens in the ingredients, but the new formula from The Body Shop is paraben-free, and also contains hyaluronic acid.

From The Body Shop:

An iconic, best-selling facial moisturiser that’s lightweight, easily absorbed, and protects and locks in moisture for all-day hydration, to leave skin feeling fresh, silky-soft and looking more radiant. Now formulated with vitamin E, plumping hyaluronic acid and wheat germ oil, its moisturising effects can help ward off dryness. Use after cleansing and toning, as part of your personalised skin care routine.

  • Suitable for all skin types, even dry skin
  • Enriched with vitamin E
  • Improved formula features biofermented hyaluronic acid from Pomacle, France
  • Enriched with Community Trade shea butter from Ghana
  • Enriched with Community Trade aloe vera from Mexico
  • 48-hour moisture infusion
  • Non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula
  • Paraben-free

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Throwback Thursday! The Body Shop — Ananya Perfume Review

I can’t remember whether I’ve previously done a Throwback Thursday that wasn’t a nail polish, but here is one for today!

Back in the late 90s, perfume oils from The Body Shop were all the rage, and White Musk was probably their most popular scent. I, however, loved Ananya, and purchased a bottle of the eau de toilette spray, since I’ve never been one for perfume oils.

I dug up Ananya recently and found that, to my surprise, it’s still holding up pretty well!

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The Body Shop — Piñita Colada Fresh Body Sorbet Review

My finger is still healing—it’s at the scabby phase, now—so I’ve got another swatch-less review today!

I deeply love a piña colada (most anything with coconut+pineapple…and rum), so I was really excited to try out The Body Shop’s new Piñita Colada line of bath and body products. The Fresh Body Sorbet sounded great—and a body moisturizer would let the scent linger more than, say, a body wash would—so that’s what I chose.

Smooth on sunshine with our new limited edition Piñita Colada collection. This irresistible tropical summer scent featuring coconut and pineapple is deliciously refreshing and moisturising and offers a smile-inducing experience. Escape to the tropics with our light summer textures that are crisp and exotic, making it the perfect post-beach body care treat.

Good copy, right? But I’m dismayed to report that I didn’t like this product very much at all!

Firstly, the scent is not especially strong and not particularly interesting. The notes sound great, but the actual fragrance is weak and decidedly artificial smelling, not juicy at all.

Fresh and crisp with Passion Fruit and Pineapple Juice
Aquatic and transparent with Coconut Water and Maraschino Cherry
Bright and smooth with Coconut Liquor, and Light Rum

I’d never heard of a piñita colada before, and only figured that the word was a diminutive of piña, Spanish for pineapple—though I learned it as ananá in high school. [I just looked it up and colada must be from the same root as the English colander, as it means “strained” in Spanish.] It turns out that piñita colada refers to a virgin piña colada, even though The Body Shop’s scent pyramid does include boozy notes in the base.

Have you ever paid attention to the lyrics of “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)“?!

[Incidentally, my funny story of the day is about the first time I tried this lotion. I guess I was sleep-deprived and brain-befuddled, because I brought this product into the shower with me. I squirted it onto my bath pouf and got really angry after attempting to cleanse my skin with it: “This isn’t like a shower gel at all!” Yes, it took me a minute.]

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The Body Shop — Banana Conditioner Review

I should have known better than to buy The Body Shop’s Banana Conditioner strictly for the scent: of course it would end up smelling like banana candies rather than actual bananas!

Everything banana-scented basically uses isoamyl acetate, a chemical that is naturally found in bananas and which gives them their distinctive smell. However, in different concentrations, it smells different (the BBC article I linked mentions that in dilute concentrations, it actually smells like pears!). In addition, this artificial banana scent may actually resemble the real thing more than we thought. Today’s bananas are pretty much all the Cavendish cultivar, but prior to the 1960s, the Gros Michel cultivar was the most common. It was wiped out by a fungus, which is why we use the Cavendish today, but some who still grow the Gros Michel say that it does have a sweeter, more “artificial” scent.

Well, truth be told, I prefer the subtler scent of the Cavendish banana! I’ve never been one for banana-flavored candies or the like, so I’m not sure what possessed me to buy this conditioner. I suspect it was The Body Shop saying that the conditioner contained actual banana purée (as the second ingredient listed, no less!), and somehow I thought maybe it wouldn’t smell like banana Runts.

A beauty classic returns. This thick and creamy conditioner leaves hair beautifully soft and tangle-free. It contains real banana puree.

Luckily, the scent isn’t actually that strong nor that sweet, so I don’t really mind it—though I’d obviously prefer a different scent.

One thing I do want to mention is that the conditioner looks somewhat different on the website than it does in real life—or at least the bottle I received in the mail. Above, you see my photo of my bottle of conditioner. Bright, mango yellow, right?

Here’s the website version:
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