Chanel Spring 2017 Le Vernis Coco Codes collection

New Release: Chanel — Le Vernis Coco Codes (Spring 2017)


Collection: Chanel, Spring 2017, Le Vernis Coco Codes

Chanel has released Coco Codes, a new collection of Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour that consists of three new shades—a red and two shades of beige—and one black-tinted top coat that deepens the shade underneath.

Three nail shades inspired by the iconic Chanel Colour Codes. One top coat brilliantly enhances the polish underneath.

The new polishes are:

  • Beige Beige (556)
  • Blanc White (548)
  • Rouge Red (546)
  • Le Top Coat Tinted Top Coat in Black Métamorphosis

The Black Métamorphosis is marked as Limited Edition on the official Chanel website.

Chanel Le Vernis retails for US$28 / CA$32.

Happy shopping!

Haulage Week! Essence, L’Oréal & OPI

Happy April Fool’s Day!

This week, I’ll be posting about some little hauls I’ve made recently, rather than swatches and reviews. Here’s the haulage post schedule for this week:

The last installment of Haulage Week! includes two items from Dollarama and one from Shoppers Drug Mart. From the dollar store, I picked up a purple L’Oréal mascara and one of the ugliest shades of OPI ever seen, for CA$3 apiece. From the drugstore, I got the much raved about Essence gel top coat on sale for CA$2.99.

I can normally only use waterproof mascaras due to my extremely stubborn lashes that uncurl in a slightly humid bathroom, but ever since I have been using a Korean waterproof mascara undercoat, I’ve been able to enjoy using regular mascaras! So L’Oréal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara in Purple Pop was mine at the cool price of $3.

Dollarama also sometimes has OPI polishes, and they’ve recently had heaps of one particular shade: Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window. (I get motion sickness very easily, so this kind of speaks to me on a personal level.) As you might have guessed, it’s a kind of vomit-y, pea green shade. I’ve passed on it many times, but this time I finally bit the bullet. I might save the swatch for Halloween!

Finally, there’s been so much hype about Essence The Gel Nail Polish Top Coat that I spotted it on sale last week for $2.99 and immediately bought it. I change my polish too often to test it out properly on my fingernails, so I’ll have to try it on my toenails, instead.

Enjoy the weekend, and I should be back with swatches and reviews on Monday!

CND — Raspberry Sparkle (Effects) Swatch & Review

Collection: Essie Spring 2013, Madison Ave-Hue

These were being cleared out at my local Winners, and a couple of helpful MUAers said they were worth picking up at $3 a pop! I am not usually one for layering polishes, but I’m definitely sold on these.

A few years back, CND (formerly Creative Nail Design) discontinued all their old nail polish (boo!) and introduced their new Colors and Effects polishes. The Colors, I believe, are all opaques, and the Effects are different top coats to layer over the Colors. I picked up Raspberry Sparkle and Jade Sparkle, which are sheer, microglittery opalescents that flash pink (Raspberry) or green (Jade).

Last week I tried out Essie Avenue Maintain, loved it, and then proceeded to stick an Effect over the top. I hemmed and hawed a little over whether to use Raspberry or Jade, but in the end, Raspberry won out, and I convinced myself not to do one hand with each Effect. One coat of Raspberry Sparkle turned Avenue Maintain into a vivid blue with pretty pink flashing microglitter! You could definitely use an extra coat or two to amp up the flash, but I liked the “subtlety” of just one. Here it is:

CND Effects in Raspberry Sparkle over Essie Nail Polish in Avenue Maintain, swatch