Monthly Watch Club (Female, November 2017)

Monthly Watch Club (Female, November 2017) — Review

I’ve worn a watch ever since I was eight or nine. My very first was a little kid’s mechanical Timex (I had to wind it every day!) with a black and grey fabric strap—probably unisex or intended for boys, and I clearly recall an annoying little boy at the playground mocking me for wearing a boy’s watch! I probably said something like, “So what?” and brushed it off (he didn’t bother me again after that).

But the fact that this interaction has stayed with me for thirty years indicates that it did indeed mean something to me. I only remember one other similar instance as a kid: I was a big fan of the Gobots cartoon, and I vastly preferred its comedic tone to the overly serious Transformers, which it was obviously ripping off, but I didn’t care one bit.

Now, anyone who grew up as a kid in North America in the 1980s and early 1990s knows that you would carry a plastic lunchbox + Thermos to school every day. These lunchboxes were sold in masses every September, and they were branded with all kinds of toys, cartoons, movies, TV shows, etc. I remember having one with Garfield, possibly one with Snoopymaybe one with My Little Pony (which I loved but I shied away from overly girly things in my childhood), and most definitely one with my beloved Gobots:

Gobots lunchbox

Anyway, the first day back at school, I merrily carried my lunch in my new Gobots-emblazoned lunchbox. A few boys said something like, “Why are you carrying a Gobots lunchbox?” I merely said, “I like them.” And that was that.

What was I talking about?

Right—I love watches! I used to have quite a little collection of quartz watches back in my twenties, with a different watch for every mood and outfit. I don’t care if smartphones can tell time. I like a watch and I’m damn well going to wear one.

In my thirties, however, I’ve pared down my watch collection because I’ve gotten tired of replacing watch batteries in ten different watches every couple of years. At the moment, I have an everyday digital beater (Casio Baby G), a Swarovski-bedazzled dress watch (Citizen Eco-Drive), and my favorite, an automatic Hamilton from my husband. Thus, only one watch runs through batteries quickly (the Casio) and it’s so cheap that I basically just replace it every few years.

And yet, I always look at watches and am sorely tempted to pick up the interesting designs I see.

When Alberta, Canada-based Monthly Watch Club recently contacted me to review their product, I thought it was such an interesting concept and wondered if it could wean me off my minimalist watch ways again. They are a newer subscription box that initially started with men’s watch styles—this summer, they expanded to include women’s watch styles, as well.

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