Movie & TV Roundup: September 2017

Once again, in September I saw mostly a mix of thriller/horror films and kid-friendly movies. There’s a surprising amount of Stephen King adaptations out recently: The Dark Tower, which I saw in August, and The Mist TV series, which I saw this month, and of course, It.

I’m dying to see It in the cinema, but we’ll have to wait for November. It should still be in cinemas, now that it has become the highest grossing horror movie of all time, after just four weeks. Maybe I’ll have more nail polish swatches up, then, since I probably won’t be able to sleep for a week after watching it.

What I Saw

  • The Wave (Bølgen) [2015]
  • Blue Ruin [2013]
  • Black Mirror: San Junipero (Series 3, Ep. 4) [2016]
  • Hop [2011]
  • Sing [2016]
  • Stardust [2007] (rewatch)
  • Wonder Woman [2017]
  • Baby Driver [2017]
  • Breaking the Magician’s Code (Season 1) [1997]
  • White Gold (Series 1) [2017]
  • The Mist (Season 1) [2017]

Mini reviews follow:
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Missha The Style Lucid Nail Polish in Wonder Woman V12, swatch

Missha — VL12 (Wonder Woman, The Style Lucid Nail Polish) Swatch & Review

Missha Wonder Woman collection 2015

Collection: Missha 2015, Wonder Woman

Missha recently released a Wonder Woman makeup collection in conjunction with DC Comics. The collection includes 18 shades of nail polish in the Style Lucid line, which come in adorable little heart-shaped bottles. (Swirly hearts don’t seem terribly Wonder Woman-y, but there it is.)

Also, Wonder Woman reminds me that I recently tried to watch the pilot episode of the new ABC series, Supergirl. I couldn’t get through the first ten minutes. Poor acting, worse writing, and they couldn’t make me care about anything. Yawn. Bring on the Wonder Woman movie. I’ll just keep watching Gotham and Ash vs Evil Dead, for now.

Missha Wonder Woman collection 2015

Missha Wonder Woman collection 2015

Since I’d never tried Missha nail polish before, and they were on sale, I ordered three shades from my favorite online Korean makeup store, Cosmetic Love (referral link): BL11, GPK05, and VL12. I also currently have four more on order (GBR01, GGR02, GPP02, and PP10). Is Missha always on sale, or what?!

Here are the 18 shades of The Style Lucid Nail Polish released in this collection:

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