Haulage! Balenciaga — Classic RH City — Bleu de France / French Blue

This weekend marks my 16th wedding anniversary to my awesome husband! We started dating several years before getting married, too, so we’ve been together for quite a while. To be honest, we never make a big deal out of each anniversary—we’re just too low key about stuff like this, and barely even bother with gifts each year. This weekend, we’re just going to spend a couple of nice days out with our peanut, and enjoy the new stage of life we’ve recently embarked upon: parenthood!

Now, I don’t know what DH is doing with his anniversary gift-budget this year (he’s probably accumulated enough unused budget over the years to get a very luxe watch), but I decided to spend my anniversary budget, combined with Valentine’s Day and some other unused gift money, on—surprise, surprise—a new handbag.

Well, to be totally correct, it’s a new-to-me handbag. I’ve had no issue with buying non-luxury bags preowned—a number of my Rebecca Minkoff bags are used and I love them—but this would be my first time doing it with a higher end bag.

Handbags, YSL Muse (original), Balenciaga City RH, Chloé Paraty, Givenchy Nightingale (original)

I’ve had several fancier bags on my wishlist for a long while: an original Givenchy Nightingale, a Chloé Paraty, an original YSL Muse, and a Balenciaga City. Earlier this year, I became a little obsessed with the City, which is odd since I loved the style but never really felt it was me, so I did the research (very important with products that are commonly faked) and decided I’d go with a preowned bag since the quality was apparently superior prior to 2008. Plus, getting a discount is always a bonus!

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